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Lucy & Co. achieves 5x Sales ROI in first 30 days and growing fast

by Brett Bernstein on

Lucy & Co. makes the most "beautiful, high quality dog goods" in the market. Learn how they use Gatsby, along with Klaviyo, Attentive and Gorgias, to energize, manage, and scale their ambassador community.

Not familiar with the brand yet? Watch as our team's dog opens a box of Lucy & Co. goodies!

Executive Summary

The company achieved a 5x ROI in their first 30 days after moving their ambassadors to Gatsby for automations and scale.

Below you'll see specific strategies and workflows they designed for a successful launch of their new ambassador program in under 3 weeks.


Klaviyo, Attentive, Gorgias

ROI Calculation

ROI is calculated based on sales revenue from their ambassador program divided by Gatsby spend. The 5x ROI figure doesn't account for the value of the UGC repurposed in ads and on-site, nor the impressions, engagement, reach, or time saved with automations.


They had been running their ambassador program on another influencer platform for the past few years. And while they had about 300 active ambassadors, they needed a way to reenergize them.

"We were seeing a decrease in engagement in our current program and we were looking for a tool that allowed us to be nimble and innovative while also helping us further leverage other platforms in our marketing stack."

Anna Knutson Director of Marketing


They approached Gatsby to address their three main needs:

1. Flexibility to engage and encourage their community in new ways

2. Scaling the program to reach more customers through automations

3. Connecting customer social engagements with Klaviyo & Attentive


"Our goal was to build a program that we could automate and iterate on easily over time as we respond to the changing influencer and ambassador space."

Anna Knutson Director of Marketing


We worked with the Lucy & Co. team to design & launch their new ambassador program within 3 weeks. This included the following steps:

  1. Migrate existing ambassadors to Gatsby, mostly larger influencers
  2. Turn customers into ambassadors post-purchase
  3. Turn customers into ambassadors on a Landing Page
  4. Design a new program for their existing ambassadors
  5. Design a separate program for new ambassadors (customers)
    1. Who will qualify
    2. What they'll earn for posting on Instagram or TikTok
    3. What they'll earn for referring sales through their unique code
And then lastly we helped them translate these programs into Klaviyo Flows and Attentive Journeys for automated ambassador management.

"Gatsby runs ongoing communications through Klaviyo and Attentive, our email and SMS partners, which is what allows us to iterate so quickly. "

Anna Knutson Director of Marketing


Sampling of their Forms and Flows:

How their signup form looks on the Shopify Post-Purchase page:

Lucy & Co Ambassador Form Post Purchase Gatsby Klaviyo

Klaviyo Form Order Status Page for Gatsby Lucy and Co

As customers apply to their ambassador program, Instagram and TikTok properties show up right away in Gatsby:

Gatsby Community Table

They can filter on this data, and deep dive into each profile's details (UGC tracking starts once you hook up Gatsby):

Lucy and Co LeoFrenchie Gatsby Profile Example

All of these social properties sync to Klaviyo and Attentive:

Gatsby Instagram metrics in Klaviyo

Where they can build Segments based on follower counts & more:

Gatsby Instagram Segments in Attentive

And ultimately trigger Klaviyo Flows and Attentive Journeys based on an applicant qualified or not qualifying for their ambassador program:

Attentive Acceptance SMS Gatsby Ambassador

When new ambassadors publish their first Instagram or TikTok UGC, they enter this Klaviyo flow:

Klaviyo Flow for Gatsby Ambassadors Lucy and Co

Plus, they simultaneously enter this Attentive Journey to receive a thank you SMS right after publishing content to Instagram:

Attentive Journey for Gatsby Instagram Mention Lucy & Co

Attentive Instagram Mention Gatsby SMS

Ambassadors can re-enter the Instagram Mention Attentive Journey every 4 weeks by publishing additional content:

Attentive Journey for Gatsby Instagram Mention

When their original ambassadors, who they imported into Gatsby, publish new social content now, they immediately enter into the following Klaviyo Flow.

They receive a new email for each post, and as these ambassadors post more often, they earn higher rewards:

Klaviyo Flow for Lucy and Co Existing Ambassadors Gatsby

An example of one of the emails these ambassadors receive after publishing an Instagram or TikTok post for Lucy & Co.:

Flow 3 Email 1_ Reward 2

Each month, the brand team simply clones this Klaviyo reward flow, makes slight modifications to the content, and starts it fresh. This keeps their top ambassadors engaged month-after-month.

In addition to their automated email and sms flows in Attentive and Klaviyo, Lucy & Co. is also using the Gatsby + Gorgias integration to give their support agents more insights in Instagrams support tickets.

Notice below how this Instagram-Gorgias ticket has the customer's Shopify order history connected to it. Gatsby makes this possible by syncing email addresses to social handles in Gorgias:

Gatsby integration for Gorgias Example 2-2


Month 1 - Their "New Ambassadors" Program

  • 540 customers applied to their ambassador program
  • 16% of applicants auto-qualified to be an ambassador by being a customer and having > 2,500 Instagram or TikTok followers
  • Of these new ambassadors:
    • 26% are in Tier 3 with 20,000 followers
    • 16% are in Tier 2 with 10,000 to 20,000 followers
    • 58% are in Tier 1 with 2,500 to 10,000 followers
  • 36% of these new ambassadors who received Klaviyo Flow 1 converted by posting UGC content for Lucy & Co. in month 1
  • Applicants get $10 off their next order by applying to be an ambassador and varying amounts off for doing a social post. Those codes alone drove a 2.5x ROI on their monthly Gatsby spend and this is growing even faster now in Month 2.

Month 1 - Their "Original Ambassadors" Program

  • 300 Original / Existing ambassadors were imported to Gatsby
  • These ambassadors were tagged in Gatsby as Original Ambassadors, this tag syncs to Klaviyo and Attentive to ensure they only get into Flows designed for them

Screen Shot 2023-10-02 at 5.24.36 PM

  • 90 of their 300 Original Ambassadors posted content for them for a discount code worth $25 off their next order
  • 63 of their Original Ambassadors did 5 mentions for them in the month, for another reward worth 30% off their next order
  • 31 of their Original Ambassadors did all 10 mentions for them in the month, for a final reward worth 50% off their next order
  • These Original Ambassadors droves sales for another 2.5x ROI and this is growing even faster now in month 2.

Dog photos!

Who doesn't love dog photos?

See some of Lucy & Co.'s Ambassador UGC from Month 1, encouraged via automation through Gatsby, Klaviyo and Attentive:

Lucy and Co Gatsby UGC Row 1

Lucy and Co Gatsby UGC Row 2

"The Gatsby team is awesome! They are super easy to work with, super knowledgeable, and genuinely care about your success as a brand and as a customer using their service. We are really happy!"

Aubrey Bergstrom Marketing Manager


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