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LoyaltyLion Points

For Instagram & TikTok Posts

With Gatsby, you can give your customers LoyaltyLion points when they tag you on social media. Reward for Instagram and TikTok UGC, as well as sending you an Instagram DM.

Gatsby LoyaltyLion Shopify Klaviyo
Gatsby LoyaltyLion Klaviyo Illustration

Some of Gatsby's happy customers:

  • 220x160 Kulani Kinis
  • 220x160 Volcom
  • 220x160 PP
  • 220x160 Athena
  • 220x160 mnml
  • 220x160 sugarbear hair
  • 220x160 Kate Hewko
  • 220x160 lucyco
  • 220x160 FJ
  • 220x160 runway scout
  • 220x160 royalcodes
  • 220x160 hunny prints
  • 220x160 Orttu
  • 220x160 migo-1
  • 220x160 System Three
  • 220x160 lilac st
  • 220x160 alabaster
  • 220x160 gorgie
  • 220x160 famous footwear aus
  • 220x160 poppy barley
17x ROI Case Study published by Klaviyo
Case Study

17x ROI Gatsby Case Study published by Klaviyo

With the help of Klaviyo and Gatsby, Kulani Kinis has revolutionized the management of the Kulani...

LoyaltyLion Gatsby Inside The Integration
Watch the Interview

Our Gatsby-LoyaltyLion integration is a no brainer! By combining Gatsby's social data and tracking...

LoyaltyLion Gatsby One Pager Graphic
Gatsby / LoyaltyLion 1-Pager

Download the Gatsby + LoyaltyLion integration 1-pager.

Setup Guide
LoyaltyLion Integration Steps

10 minutes to integrate, then it all works on its own.

Hunny Prints Loyalty Lion Gatsby
Lindsey, Hunny Prints

Gatsby is great! We were looking for a way to reward customers for social actions. We integrated it with LoyaltyLion rewards program to reward customers for posting about us on IG & TikTok. Our customers love it! The Gatsby team is on point - they always answer questions in a timely manner, they helped me with implementation and if I ever have any trouble they take care of things right away! Such a cool program!

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Get Klaviyo Flow Templates
Get Klaviyo Flow Templates

Get access to premium and customer-proven Klaviyo flow templates to make onboarding an ambassador...

Capture Instagram handles right in LoyaltyLion

With Gatsby's tight integration, you'll be able to identify your most influential customers right...

Trigger SMS to Ambassadors
Trigger SMS to Ambassadors

Using Klaviyo, Attentive or Yotpo for SMS? Easy, you'll be able to incorporate SMS strategies with...

Connect Gatsby with LoyaltyLion now

10 minutes to integrate, then it's all automated!