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Alternative to ManyChat

Gatsby vs. ManyChat

Discover Gatsby's unique advantages, including our Email & SMS integrations that fully subscribe Instagram users to your marketing lists.

Lingua Franca DM Example Gatsby List Growth

"This is so fun! We use ManyChat too but they don't offer any kind of Klaviyo integration like this."

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Gatsby vs. ManyChat

Side-by-side comparison of Gatsby and ManyChat for Instagram DM automations and email & SMS list growth.



ManyChat is great, but here are some things Gatsby offers that ManyChat doesn't:

  • Tighter email & SMS integrations
  • Social contacts subscribed to your lists
  • UGC tracking & more



One key difference is that while ManyChat can sync an email address to Klaviyo, Gatsby can fully subscribe that contact to your marketing.



List Growth

Collect email addresses from IG
Collect phone numbers from IG
Subscribe emails to your email list
While ManyChat can sync an email address to Klaviyo, Gatsby can fully subscribe that contact to receive your email marketing.
Subscribe phone numbers to your SMS list
While ManyChat can sync a phone number to Klaviyo, Gatsby can fully subscribe that contact to receive your SMS marketing.


Auto-reply to DMs
Auto-reply to Stories
Trigger DM from Comment
Auto-reply Conditional Splits
Different messages based on follower size, follow status, tag etc
Track & Download UGC
Engagement on UGC
Identify Influencers & Creators
Metrics on your IG Growth


Klaviyo Basic Integration
Send an email address or phone number to Klaviyo, but doesn't subscribe them to receive marketing.
Klaviyo Complete Integration
Fully subscribe Instagram users to your Klaviyo email & SMS lists without them leaving Instagram
Klaviyo Flows for IG Engagement
Trigger flows when customers tag you in content, follow you on Instagram, have a large following and much more!
Shopify Sales Tracking
Track all Shopify sales from your social contacts
Attentive Integration
Yotpo Integration
Omnisend Integration
Sendlane Integration
LoyaltyLion Integration
J Skis
Tyler, Marketing Manager at J Skis

"Solves a major gap by converting social followers onto your email/sms list. Wish this was around years ago!"


How it works

Step 1
Connect Gatsby with Instagram and your Email platform (ie: Klaviyo, Attentive, Yotpo...)

Step 2
Instagram users subscribe to your email or SMS list through Instagram DMs

Step 3
Send targeted email and SMS flows using Instagram data that Gatsby keeps in sync.


Founder, System Three Resins

"Way above and beyond! We were so thrilled to find Gatsby, it's exactly what we were after - amazing product"

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gorgie at the beach
Enlil, Social Manager at Gorgie

"Love the list growth feature, super easy to set up for collecting new email & SMS subscribers in Klaviyo!"

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"10/10! Our experience with Gatsby has been incredible and already exceeded our expectations."

Jennifer L. Koana Swim

ManyChat Alternative

Questions on comparing Gatsby to ManyChat?