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Klaviyo Flows

for Instagram & TikTok

Use Klaviyo to get more customers following you on Instagram and manage your influencer and ambassador programs with Flows. Official Klaviyo app in App Directory

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Some of our happy customers:

  • 220x160 Kulani Kinis
  • 220x160 Volcom
  • 220x160 PP
  • 220x160 Athena
  • 220x160 mnml
  • 220x160 sugarbear hair
  • 220x160 Kate Hewko
  • 220x160 lucyco
  • 220x160 FJ
  • 220x160 runway scout
  • 220x160 royalcodes
  • 220x160 hunny prints
  • 220x160 Orttu
  • 220x160 migo-1
  • 220x160 System Three
  • 220x160 lilac st
  • 220x160 alabaster
  • 220x160 gorgie
  • 220x160 famous footwear aus
  • 220x160 poppy barley

"I've been in digital marketing for over 20 years, leading Fortune 500 company teams and managing billions in media. I can honestly say, Gatsby is a thoroughly thought out product which leverages principles of the viral coefficient, in an intuitive interface that allows for store owners to leverage and monetize every customer and the majority of their visits. Gatsby is a must have app. Lastly, their account management and customer service teams are first class."

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If you don't have a Gatsby account yet, create one here or install from Shopify.

17x ROI Case Study published by Klaviyo
Case Study

17x ROI Gatsby Case Study published by Klaviyo

With the help of Klaviyo and Gatsby, Kulani Kinis has revolutionized the management of the Kulani...

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Klaviyo Blog
Using Custom Properties

"Want to send a campaign only to users that have 10,000 or more followers? Done"

Inside The Integration with Gatsby and Klaviyo
Watch the Interview

Our Gatsby-Klaviyo integration is a game-changer! By combining Gatsby's social data and tracking...

Gatsby Klaviyo 1-Pager
Gatsby / Klaviyo 1-Pager

Download the Gatsby + Klaviyo integration 1-pager.

Connect Gatsby with Klaviyo
Flow Templates
Flow Templates

Run through the Klaviyo Flow templates you'll get upon connecting Gatsby.

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Julie, Ellexir

20 yrs digital marketing expert here - and Gatsby is truly groundbreaking. It brings together a fully connected digital experience to your customers with a simple integration (I use it with Klaviyo). The potential to increase your revenue through social sharing and tracking w/ Gatsby + their Klaviyo flow is endless. Enabling the integration is easy (they have great documentation).

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"The fact that customers who post on social media will get automated rewards makes our lives so much easier!"

Dylan V Migo

"Must have for influencer program/UGC content! Also probably the best onboarding experience we have had."

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Gatsby Klaviyo Flow Template Instagram-1
Klaviyo Flow Templates for Instagram UGC

Get access to premium and customer-proven Klaviyo flow templates to make onboarding an ambassador...

Klaviyo Segment for Instagram Followers 2
Segment Social Media Ambassadors in Klaviyo

Sync Instagram and TikTok insights from Gatsby to Klaviyo so you can create powerful segments and...

Klaviyo Segment Doesnt Follow on Instagram Yet Gatsby
Get more Instagram Followers

Segment your customers by who follows you on Instagram, and send flows to convert more customers...

Connect Gatsby with Klaviyo now

Once the flows are firing, it's set it and forget it!