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Invest in Growth: Pricing Details

Pricing based on social contacts you acquire$16/month per 500 Instagram contacts acquired (includes email or phone number). Contacts accrue while monitored. Suppress unneeded contacts anytime. with Gatsby:

List Growth
Grow your email & SMS lists from Instagram.

Platform fee includes social listening and UGC saving. Add $16/month per 500 contacts you acquire from Instagram and continue tracking.
Grow email & SMS subscribers from IG
IG Comment & DM auto-replies
Unlimited Instagram UGC tracked & saved
Instagram insights
Klaviyo & Shopify integrations
Attentive, Yotpo, and Loyalty integrations
Dedicated Success Manager
For clients with large audiences, multiple stores and more in-depth use-cases like ambassador management.

Available Add-ons

TikTok is billed just for your contacts with a TikTok username:

Track and save TikTok videos from your social contacts. This add-on fee applies only to social contacts who provide you with their TikTok username. You can track UGC from 5 TikTok hashtags at once.
Regional Accounts
Have multiple Shopify and Klaviyo accounts for different regions of your brand. Contact us about special pricing to add these on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Free Trial?

Yep our plans come with a 7-day free trial and then just month-to-month after that.

Setup Time?

It only takes a few minutes to launch a DM campaign that collects subscribers.

These are Instagram or TikTok users who have provided you with their email address or phone number.

Social Contacts are considered "active" unless you suppress them in Gatsby.

Suppressing a social contact in Gatsby does not suppress them in Klaviyo, but you will stop tracking their social activity if suppressed.

Even if your brand has lots of Instagram followers or lots of email and SMS subscribers already, most companies start with zero social contacts in Gatsby.

While profiles are created for all Instagram users tagging, commenting, or DMing you, those profiles are often without their email or phone and so are simply called "Social Profiles". Each plan includes 10x the social profiles at no extra cost. For example, with 5,000 active social contacts, you can have up to 50,000 social profiles.

Brands with no social contacts can have up to 2,500 Social Profiles before moving up to the next volume tier. There's no limit on the amount of UGC tracked per profile or contact.

No, your follower only becomes a social contact after they give you their email address or phone number.

Yes, you can suppress any social contacts you no longer want to be tracking Instagram or TikTok content from and therefore exclude them from your billing.

Sure, just contact us and we can implement hard limits on your account, so your billing will never go above your limit. Contacts that you collect after your limit is reached will live in an Archived or Suppressed state which you can activate down the line.

You can contact us to change your limits anytime.

It is suggested that you review the following Suggested SMS Disclosure Information.

You can included your disclosure text in the Auto-Reply Body. For example:

SMS Disclosure Info DM

We suggest you design a giveaway or other type of campaign around this strategy. 

For example:

Little Trouble Gatsby Giveaway IG Story and Post

For more details, check out the this guide.

That's right, this is based on USA currency.

Yes! No credit card is required to create your Gatsby account. When you're ready to launch your program, both plans come with a 7-day free trial.

SMS capture is supported for US and Canadian phone numbers. Contact us to upvote your country next!

And while SMS may not be supported in your country yet, you can still use the new Advanced DMs to collect email subscribers or drive Instagram users to your website.

Yep! We're proud to support Attentive and Yotpo Email & SMS too.

The Gatsby team is awesome! They genuinely care about your success as a brand and as a customer using their service. We are really happy!

Anna, Marketing Director Lucy & Co.


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