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The Gatsby Platform

Discover the features and benefits of using Gatsby

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Top Benefits

Faster List Growth
Acquire email & SMS subscribers directly from DMs

Higher Engagement
Connect with customers across email & social channels

Ambassador Management
Run fully automated ambassador programs using Gatsby with integrations

Personalized Marketing
Trigger flows when customers share UGC, follow you & more

Drive Conversions
From list growth, to social sharing and high converting UGC, increase sales

Save Time
You no longer need to manually track engagement, creators, UGC, sales & more


Key Features

Instagram users can now subscribe to your email & SMS lists in 1-click. Learn more.

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Both our Core and Core Plus plans will track all your Instagram UGC. This includes Instagram Stories, Posts, and Reels that you are tagged in.

You will get a detailed profile view of every person tagging you in content, as well as a downloadable copy of all the Posts and Reels, along with engagement metrics.

TikTok media tracking is an add-on feature, where Gatsby will track content with any TikTok hashtags that you're following. Tracking is exclusively for TikTok contacts in your Gatsby account. Learn more about TikTok tracking

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Both our Core and Core Plus plans allow you to set up automated replies to Instagram Stories you're tagged in.

Plus you can use filters to target the right message to the right profile, ie: if the person has > 1,000 Instagram Followers, send them a different automated response to their Story mention.

Gatsby Auto Reply Story Mentions


Similar to replying to Story mentions, both our Core and Core Plus plans allow you to set up automated replies to Instagram DMs based on keywords.

With the Core Plus plan, you'll also have access to advanced DM auto-replies allows you to respond with a beautiful image and button. This is what you'll use to collect email & sms subscribers, but it also can be used to send your customers to a landing page, for example or to apply to your affiliate program.

Gatsby Link Action Example

Plus you can use our filters to target the right message to the right profile, ie: if the person has > 500 Instagram Followers and doesn't follow your account yet, send them a different automated DM response.



Both our Core and Core Plus plans allow you to track the performance of every Instagram Story, Post and Reel you publish.

Use this info to discover which content is more engaging with your audience.

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Connect Gatsby with Klaviyo, Attentive, Yotpo, LoyaltyLion and more to automate your ambassador program start to finish.

Both our Core and Core plus plans include these standard integrations.

Example 1: Klaviyo Flow that automatically approves or denies ambassadors based on follower count:

Gatsby Klaviyo Flow Template Instagram

Example 2: Attentive Journey that automatically sends a thank you SMS when a customer tags you on Instagram

Attentive Journey for Gatsby Instagram Mention Lucy & Co

For more on how you can automate your ambassador program using Gatsby and Klaviyo, Attentive and more, see our recent case studies.

Our Core Plus plan allow you to automatically generate Shopify coupon codes for your ambassadors. You can deliver these to your ambassadors automatically through your Flow automations and track every transaction that they drive back to your store. Easily set up a Klaviyo flow for an affiliate-style reward, ie: When an ambassador drives $500 in revenue, send them a code for $50 off their next order.

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We're about to release the beta version of the new Predictive Matching functionality. The goal of this feature is to auto-match your Shopify customers with their Instagram handles, automatically. Contact us for more information on this upcoming feature.

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The Gatsby application is fantastic, and the level of customer service matches that excellence. Without a doubt, we wholeheartedly recommend Gatsby!

Rachel Fagan, Marketing Manager Happy Wax


Gatsby Demo Video

See how Gatsby tracks your UGC, grows your email & SMS lists, triggers Klaviyo Flows and more:

Easily turn customers into ambassadors

Use any form builder, like a Klaviyo form or Typeform, to ask customers for their Instagram handle. Sync submissions to Gatsby.

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Choose among various Flow templates

If you're using Klaviyo, Attentive, LoyaltyLion, Yotpo SMS or our other integration partners, use our templates to streamline ambassador setup.

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Get engagement and performance analytics

Once you set up your automated ambassador program, use Gatsby to measure success. From UGC engagement to affiliated revenue.

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