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Inside the Integration: Elevate SMS Marketing with Gatsby + Attentive

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Inside the Integration: Elevate Your SMS Marketing with Gatsby + Attentive

One of our most exciting and unique integrations (that we’ve been quietly beta testing!), using Gatsby with Attentive is now live for all Gatsby and Attentive customers, allowing you to superpower SMS marketing through Attentive with even more personalized messages to your most loyal customers and ambassadors. With this integration, you can quickly respond to customer social media mentions with a thank you or reward through text message. Unlike DM or email, the customer is likely to see the text instantly, and it’s an unexpected surprise (hello, surprise and delight!). This goes a long way towards building customer loyalty and more importantly, emotional loyalty – something that’s becoming increasingly more valuable to brands.

“What’s so exciting about the integration is it’s taking the most loyal customers that [Gatsby] has identified that are promoting the brand with the most immediate marketing channel that’s going to get the message out quickly…and what it equates to is that emotional loyalty that brands are looking for.” - Greg Bauman, Director of Ecosystem Partnerships at Attentive

To learn more about using Gatsby with Attentive, check out our newest episode of Inside the Integration, where Brett chats with Greg Bauman, Director of Ecosystem Partnerships at Attentive about why SMS is an important revenue channel, especially when it comes to customer lifetime value, and how you can use Gatsby and Attentive together to leverage it to build community and long-term customer loyalty.

Who is Attentive?

Attentive is a leader in mobile messaging technology, allowing brands to create more meaningful interactions through personalized text messages. Their two-way, real-time conversational commerce platform is designed to transform SMS to a top 3 revenue channel.

How it Works:

Using the Gatsby x Attentive integration marries Gatsby’s tracking and insights with the immediacy and real-time functionality of Attentive’s text messaging platform. 

By connecting Gatsby with your Attentive account, you can initiate personalized Journeys in Attentive based off of your customers’ Instagram and TikTok mentions. To do this, you’ll need to  first add custom form fields for capturing Instagram and TikTok handles in your Attentive forms, landing pages or popups. This enables Gatsby to access all publicly available social insights and track actions like social media mentions and tags, which will sync back to Attentive. From there, you can use this data to trigger a custom Journey or use one of Gatsby’s pre-set custom flows, triggering an SMS as soon as a mention comes in. You can also segment based on follower size, triggering different SMS thank you’s/rewards for customers with larger followings. 

Some of the things you can do with Gatsby and Attentive together include:

  • Capture Instagram and TikTok handles from Attentive subscribers
  • Get social media insights from Gatsby in your Attentive platform 
  • Track customer social media mentions 
  • Creating custom events in Attentive based off of social media activity collected by Gatsby
  • Trigger branded Gatsby flows 
  • Create segments for more personalized flows 

Key Benefits:

Combining Gatsby with Attentive is all about building customer loyalty and community, which each of these benefits ultimately leads back to: 

  1. Drive Customer Engagement: Real-time response to social media mentions and tags keeps customers engaged with the brand, leading to even more mentions, referrals and eventually, sales. 
  2. Personalization: In an increasingly competitive e-commerce landscape, personalization is what can set your brand apart, and is key for customer retention,
  3. Surprise + Delight: There’s a lot to be said for the unexpected delight of being rewarded for social media mentions. This goes a long way toward keeping customers loyal to the brand.
  4. Customer Loyalty → Emotional Loyalty: This is the secret sauce, and what sets brands apart in a league of their own. Triggering the emotional connection to a brand is the apex of a successful marketing strategy and yet one of the hardest things to achieve. 
  5. Data Capture: Last but not least, we predict phone numbers will rival (or even replace!) email as unique identifiers in the not so distant future. Having this data stored alongside key social media identifiers not only allows for a more personalized communication, it is a huge advantage for future-proofing your marketing tactics! 

Get started!

To get started with Gatsby and Attentive, visit our help guide.