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Kinsley Armelle Rewards Social Engagement with Loyalty Points & Social Snowball Affiliate Commissions

by Brett Bernstein on

Kinsley Armelle was founded in 2016 by a husband and wife team on the "idea that beautiful, custom jewelry can be great quality but also fairly priced."

Learn how they developed and launched their fully automated ambassador program in under 1 week.

Their ambassador program uses Gatsby to connect the dots between Instagram & TikTok with Shopify, Klaviyo, Yotpo SMS, Social Snowball and Loyalty for a social program that offers something to all their customers - at scale.

Executive Summary

The company built their ambassador signup page, Klaviyo flows, and loyalty integration within 1 week.

Below you'll see specific strategies and workflows they designed and we'll update this case study with metrics and results in the coming months.


Klaviyo, Yotpo SMS, (via Klaviyo webhook)


They approached Gatsby to address their three main needs:

1. Sales Growth through organic social and UGC

2. Automating the program, no full-time role available to manage it

3. Scale such that they continue to reward engagement indefinitely


The Kinsely Armelle team designed a landing page designed to outline the program details and get customers opting in:

Kinsley Armelle Ambassador Signup Page Gatsby

Ongoing collab offer

Ambassadors earn a $5 gift card for every Instagram or TikTok post that tags @kinselyarmelle, up to $25 per month. 

Through their Klaviyo flow setup, this program works indefinitely, always reseting each month to allow ambassadors to start posting and earning again - month after month with no management or human intervention.


How it looks in Gatsby

As customers apply to the Kinsley Armelle ambassador program, their Instagram and TikTok properties show up in Gatsby:

Gatsby Profiles Example Kinsley

They can filter on this data, and deep dive into each profile's details:

Profile Details Page Gatsby Kinsley

And of course open the UGC and see content & engagement stats:

Kinsley Armelle Instagram UGC example Gatsby

Kinsley Armelle Story Example Gatsby

Referral Codes as Story Links

To help their ambassadors share their referral codes, they imported their Gatsby codes into Social Snowball, converting their Instagram-branded coupon codes into trackable affiliate links:


Klaviyo Integration

All of the social properties sync to Klaviyo:

Gatsby Instagram metrics in Klaviyo

When customers apply to be an ambassador, they enter this Klaviyo flow:

Kinsley Armelle Klaviyo Flow 1 (via Klaviyo Webhook)

To receive their rewards, Kinsley Armelle hooked Gatsby up with their loyalty platform to deliver loyalty points redeemable for $5 and $10 giftcards for the associated social actions.

Gatsby Integration via Klaviyo Webhook

Because we don't have a direct integration between Gatsby and, Kinsley Armelle used a Klaviyo Flow with a webhook action to hit the API for these events

Klaviyo flow webhook to smile for Gatsby


Flow that works indefinitely:

Their flow rewards customers for up to 5 mentions per 30 day period:

Kinsely Armelle Klaviyo Gatsby flow 5 mentions per 30 days v1


What's next? 

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