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Faster List Growth

Collect Emails from Instagram

Instagram users can now subscribe to your Klaviyo, Attentive, Sendlane, Yotpo and your other email & SMS lists. Own your Instagram relationships.

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Lingua Franca Gatsby Instagram Stories
  • 1000+
    New Subscribers
    Lingua Franca converted 1,000 of their Instagram followers into email subscribers with a single Instagram giveaway.
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    It took just 7 days to surpass 1,000 email subscribers from Instagram, with minimal setup and management.

Love the list growth feature, super easy to set up for collecting new email & SMS subscribers in Klaviyo! Love the experience, it feels super natural to instagram!

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Enlil, Social Manager GORGIE Clean Energy Drink

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Renée, Email Marketing at CBC

"We've seen a 69% increase in our SMS subscriber growth rate thanks to Gatsby and this approach. We're on track to add hundreds of new subscribers monthly from this, with minimal time and cost."

This app adds huge value to our pet brand... The Klaviyo/Instagram integration empowers our brand to scale our email marketing via our brand's most exposed social channel: Instagram.


Aaron, Founder Bailey's CBD Oil for Pets

How it works

Step 1
Connect Gatsby with your Instagram & Klaviyo accounts

Step 2
Design an Instagram campaign, like a giveaway

Step 3
Instagram users subscribe to your Email & SMS from DMs


Fast is fun little trouble
Dinah, Founder at Little Trouble

"This is so fun! We use ManyChat too but they don't offer any kind of Klaviyo integration like this. Gatsby's new DM feature is allowing us to get more value out of our active Instagram community by turning those followers into SMS subscribers..."

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Steven, Founder at Kinsley Armelle

"Gatsby has been an impressive app for a few years now. What really sets this software apart is the commitment to ongoing development and evolution in a direction that makes sense for customers..."

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Grow faster

Use Instagram as a channel for list growth