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Klaviyo BUILD Workshop

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Klaviyo BUILD Workshop

Our founder and CEO Brett Bernstein was honored to join Klaviyo’s inaugural BUILD Workshop on Wednesday, May 11, for their first ever in-person developer event connecting CTO’s, product managers, engineers and support engineers from their worldwide partner ecosystem to discuss the future of building on Klaviyo.

Brett presented the featured fireside chat with Klaviyo’s Senior Strategic Partner Manager, Dan Caldwell, sharing how he built Gatsby’s integration with Klaviyo, which helps merchants automate influencer marketing directly within Klaviyo using flows and trigger logic.

Curious? Here’s how it works:

We use email address as the unique identifier to sync key social data from Gatsby, such as a Instagram or TikTok follower count, brand mentions and shareable referral codes, to that customer’s profile in Klaviyo.

We use the Klaviyo API to create custom ‘Mentioned You’ events that trigger Klaviyo flows for influencer marketing automation.We will also be releasing tracking referrals soon too, so that merchants can create workflows to reward influencers for sales they drive.

Brands like Kulani Kinis rely on this integration to build community and engagement with their customers on social media, using a sophisticated web of both email and SMS flows to communicate with different customer cohorts based on their follower counts.

For example, when a customer mentions Kulani Kinis twice on Instagram, they receive an SMS acknowledging and thanking them. Customers with larger followings might get an SMS with their own discount code to share with followers. They also use these Klaviyo flows to manage their ambassador program, giving their "Sun Chasers" exclusive access to new product drops and more.

Thanks again to the amazing team at Klaviyo for including us, and Kulani Kinis for the great examples. If anyone has questions, please be sure to reach out.