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Justuno Holiday Hustle

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Justuno Holiday Hustle

Join Bob Vail, our Director of Sales, for “Christmas in July”, a webinar hosted by Justuno as part of their Holiday Hustle Series.

In this webinar, Bob joins 8 other marketing experts to discuss what to expect for the 2021 holiday season, and what you can do today to prepare. Bob shares how influencer marketing has shifted over the past year to be more customer-centric as brands recognize the stronger engagement rates and authenticity of their own customer’s posts.

Your own customers are more likely than mega-influencers or celebrities to share honest, enthusiastic and engaging reviews of your products. But the first step is to identify and connect with them. Bob shows how you can utilize Gatsby and Justuno together to collect your customer’s Instagram handles and automate outreach for partnership, utilizing tools you might already use, like Klaviyo, Gorgias and Yotpo

Tune in below (our segment starts at about 44:12) for Bob’s expert insights and what to expect for the holiday season ahead:

Justuno Holiday Hustle with Gatsby Video thumbail

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Happy (almost) holidays!