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Summary of 2021 Tips from Webinar with Gatsby, Justuno, SMSBump and MuteSix

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Summary of 2021 Tips from Webinar with Gatsby, Justuno, SMSBump and MuteSix

Summary of: Valentine’s Day Panel Hosted by Justuno: Looking for Love? Go beyond the traditional with these DTC marketing tips

We joined Yotpo/SMSBump, MuteSix, and Justuno for a panel discussion on 2021 marketing trends and how to capitalize on the first major spending holiday of the year. It was hosted by our friends at Justuno. We hope you find these tips useful and insightful in refining your 2021 marketing strategy! 

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Short on time? Here are a few key points: 


As we all know, engagement is king! The pandemic has heavily influenced the way customers engage with brands, and now more than ever, they’re looking for one-on-one, direct communication. This can be in the form of SMS, personal outreach on your Gatsby platform, or even a manual DM.  Make sure that you’re engaging with customers where they are. Justuno suggests always testing -- you never know what your visitors are going to act like until you test it! And, as part of a Valentine’s Day (or any holiday) campaign, make sure you speak to it as part of any campaign outreach. 

Channel Diversity

One of many key priorities for 2021 is channel diversity. This includes discovery of new social platforms (like TikTok) and segmentation within existing channels (like Gatsby). You can diversify within Gatsby by reaching out to customers by email, SMS, targeted forms, targeted ads and manual DMs. You want to be in all the channels where you customers are, and like engagement, it’s important to test things out as you may find you’ll need different tactics to reach new customers vs existing customers. 

Valentine’s Day Strategy

Being creative with a variety of angles is key for this holiday. Use inclusive language like self-care, self-love, Singles Day, etc to connect with your broader audience. Some other best practices we found: 

  1. Build hype with a teaser campaign -- let customers know what you’re doing for the holiday (sales, incentives or product recos). You can drive them to a landing page, using that page to create lookalike audiences off of people who engage and interact. Pro tip: even if you’re not running a sale, make sure to theme any on-site messaging.
  2. Share gift recommendations --  bundle certain products, or create a tailored assortment of products for self-love, Valentine’s Day and Singles Day respectively. Make it easy to shop for gifts with personalized recommendations! 
  3. Show love with some sort of incentive or reward -- this is a great use-case for initiating a campaign within Gatsby! 
  4. Leverage as many data sources as you can -- look at your customers and landing page visitors from last Valentine’s Day to create lookalike audiences for paid social. 

Let us know what you're doing for Valentine's Day and for your 2021 strategy more broadly. We welcome any additional ideas, questions, and feedback.

If you're interested in working with any of our partners in this panel, let us know and we're happy to facilitate an intro.