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Introducing TikTok Media Tracking

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Introducing TikTok Media Tracking

Expand your influencer marketing with TikTok Media Tracking. With our newest update, you can automatically track when your ambassadors publish TikTok videos with your hashtags. Even more, you’ll get immediate access to download the hi-res video files, which you can repurpose as high converting UGC in product pages, ads, marketing content and more.

With Gatsby’s TikTok media tracking, you’ll get key social data including heart counts (TikTok’s answer to Instagram’s “likes”), comments, engagement and follower count, which is especially useful in vetting potential influencers for a campaign.

You can track up to 5 hashtags depending on your plan. You can also change the hashtags as needed, based on new campaigns, trends or brand initiatives.

And this wouldn’t be Gatsby if we didn’t allow you to automate everything end-to-end using the marketing tools you love like Klaviyo, Gorgias, Yotpo and more. So just like with our Instagram features, you can now automate your TikTok influencer marketing directly within Klaviyo.

For example, all your TikTok insights and media mentions collected in Gatsby will sync to their corresponding customer profiles in Klaviyo, allowing you to trigger highly targeted and personable email and SMS flows that automating collabs, rewards and thank you’s to your ambassadors.

For more about how to use our new TikTok Media Tracking feature, check out our brief demo below. If you’re not yet using Gatsby, install our app today or contact us with any questions.