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Announcing Media Insights

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Announcing Media Insights

At the end of 2020, we debuted our new platform, Gatsby Next Gen, offering new integrations, tracking and analytics on your micro-influencers, for a fully automated influencer management experience. We had such an amazing response to this launch, and many of you asked for similar data on the media and UGC itself. Well, we’re proud to share that this is now available with our newest update --  the first of many exciting rollouts we’re working on this year!

New Media Insights

With this new feature, you can now see all your UGC and the engagement rates, likes, comments, captions etc on every Instagram post that your customers / influencers mention you in. You can see exactly how well your customers' media performs, so you can easily identify and quantify your most successful partnerships.

And what really sets this apart from any other influencer marketing platform is that all this influencer & Instagram data you're getting is specifically on your customers and is often garnered through automated workflows. We have great tech partnerships and integrations with the marketing tools you already use and love, like Klaviyo, Justuno, Refersion and others to get the most out of your data and automations.

Where To Find It

You may have noticed that there is now a section titled “Media” on the left-hand side of the “Data” tab in your Gatsby dashboard -- this is where you can locate data on all Instagram posts you’re tagged or mentioned in. We’ve gone ahead and created shortcuts to the most engaging posts (anything with an engagement rate greater than 10%), and all new posts (all mentions from the last 30 days), but you can also filter and search by date, username, keywords, post performance and much more! 

Top 3 Ways to Use Your Gatsby Insights

  1. Discover new partnerships: One of the most valuable things Gatsby offers is the ability to quickly identify potential micro-influencer partners -- no more hours spent searching Instagram for prospects. Gatsby Next Gen provides data and rankings (the “G Score”) on Instagram profiles, and our Media data takes it one step further, providing insights on the posts you’ve been mentioned in. Using the “Top Engaged” filter, you can quickly find which of your customer micro-influencers are posting the most engaging content about your brand. As any social media marketer knows, it’s all about the engagement. So when you’re looking for new influencers to partner with, consider these the best low-hanging fruit!
  2. Determine success of existing partnerships: Tracking when your micro-influencers post is important, but seeing how well their posts perform provides quantifiable results. Now you can not only see when your micro-influencers complete their partnership, but how relevant the content was with their followers. This is especially helpful in determining who to continue building a relationship with. 
  3. Social listening: Knowing what your customers say about you is crucial to your marketing strategy. It leads to content generation, conversation and connection, and a better understanding of your customer base, thanks to unvarnished opinions. You can use Gatsby’s Media data to discover conversations about your brand and “listen in” to how people are talking about it, without sifting through all your tags on Instagram -- we know it’s easy to miss things.  

Gatsby customers are already sharing how they’re using this new Instagram data. Katie from NYC dance studio Body & Pole says, “Being able to quickly identify our most engaging UGC has already helped us refine our own Instagram content.” We can’t wait to hear what you do with it!

“Being able to quickly identify our most engaging UGC has already helped us refine our own Instagram content.” - Body & Pole