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Instagram DMs Now Available Within Gatsby

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Instagram DMs Now Available Within Gatsby

In addition to our Instagram Story tracking update, which allows you to automatically track your Instagram Story mentions within the Gatsby dashboard, we are pleased to share another big update to our Instagram features: you can now Instagram DM (direct message) your influencers directly within the Gatsby dashboard. That means you can now receive and respond to your Instagram DMs without having to open up Instagram. 

How it works: 

You may notice there’s a new messenger icon next to each Instagram account in your Gatsby dashboard. This icon will highlight when there’s an unread message. Once a customer/influencer initiates a conversation with your brand through a DM (by sending a message or mentioning your brand in content), this unlocks the ability to correspond with them through DM.

You’ll also never miss an important customer DM again – unlike Instagram, where there are multiple inboxes, all of your messages will be stored in the same place within the Gatsby dashboard, and you can sort / filter conversations by campaign tag.

With this new feature, you can keep track of conversations with your customers/influencers all within the Gatsby dashboard, so you can manage engagement and partnerships. You can also segment and create customer groups so you can keep track of campaigns and mentions. To do this, simply highlight the check mark to the left of each Instagram account, then click on the tag icon on the top right of the navigation bar to add to a list or create a new one.

The best part? You can get started instantly today – no set-up needed, just login to your Gatsby account. Not a customer?  Install our app on Shopify or sign up here to get started.