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How 'Renovate with Jen Jones' Drives Instagram Users to Her Ebook

by Brett Bernstein on

"Gatsby auto-replies not only remove a lot of the effort for people, they also send followers directly to my website."

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Jen Jones Renovate With Jen Jones

Jen Jones helps home owners tackle renovations. Through her personal business (Renovate with Jen Jones) and her podcast (Renovation Nation Club), Jen is a renovation expert that provides advice and resources to help anyone achieve their 'dream home' goals.

Realizing that home renovations are very social, especially for inspiration, Jen looked to connect with and grow her brand's social audience. One of the key opportunities she sought out was to provide resources to her audience, right through Instagram, where they are.


“Driving traffic to my website is not only about seeking a conversion. It is about retargeting, which is invaluable to me.”

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Jen Jones Renovate With Jen Jones


Campaign #1: Add to Cart

Send a DM to @renovatewithjenjones with the keyword 'consents' and you'll receive a link to her ebook: The NZ Homeowner’s Guide to Council Consents.

This is a seamless way to drive social traffic right to your 'Add to Cart' page for a particular product.


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Renovate Jen Jones Consents ebook

"What I love about this automation is it directs people directly to a cart page which increases my chances of them entering an ‘abandoned cart’ flow in Klaviyo if they don’t end up converting.”

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Jen Jones Renovate With Jen Jones


After the success of the first Add-To-Cart campaign, Jen launched a second one promoting Your Guide to Choosing Furniture & Furnishings.

DM @renovatewithjenjones the key phrase "finishing touches" to receive this auto-reply and get a link to her ebook:

jen jones auto-reply for furnishings ebook

Guide to choosing furniture and furnishings jen jones

Campaign #2: List Growth

While the first campaign above drove Instagram Users to 'add to cart', this second campaign offers them free content in exchange for entering their email and joining the newsletter list in Klaviyo.

Auto-Reply Step 1

Jen Jones freebies giveaway keyword 1

Auto-Reply Step 2

Jen Jones freebies giveaway keyword 2

Auto-Reply Experience

Jen Jones Freebies autoreply Gatsby keyword

And then after clicking the "Yes please, send me the freebies!" button, the Instagram user receives an email (sent via Klaviyo) with the free ebooks.

Jen Jones is effectively converting Instagram followers into email subscribers with this DM Automation.


“Historically offering freebies has been my biggest list growing tool, but getting people to my website and their eyes on a form at the bottom of a page slows this process down – Gatsby’s auto-reply functionality removes that barrier allowing me to grow my list a lot more consistently.”

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Jen Jones Renovate With Jen Jones



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