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Top 20 Ways To Use Gatsby to Scale Your Micro-Influencer Benefits

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Top 20 Ways To Use Gatsby to Scale Your Micro-Influencer Benefits

The Gatsby platform has evolved a ton since we first launched, driven primarily by customer requests and feedback. Many of you are using your Gatsby data (or Gatsby influencers as they're starting to be called) in ways we would never have dreamed of. We thought it would be great to share these ideas with one another, so we combined and summarized the most popular use-cases into a top 20 list.

Here are the top 20 ways to use Gatsby data to scale your micro-influencer campaigns and benefits:

1. Automate authentic micro-influencer campaigns

Launch an ongoing micro-influencer campaign by segmenting your customers into influencer buckets and deploy targeted messaging and offers based on their reach. For example, your customers with 1k-10k followers receive a particular reward for sharing their recent purchase on Instagram. Customers with 10k-25k followers receive a different reward, and customers with 25k-50k followers receive a third type of reward. These rewards are often in the form of special higher discount codes, merch, access to new products, or affiliate commissions. Your customers with more than 50k followers are perfect for routing directly to your social media team for building a deeper relationship and a more elaborate collab deal. This type of micro-influencer campaign is easy to set up and automate with our Klaviyo integration, where you can quickly create segments and deploy tailored drip campaigns to those influential customers right when Gatsby identifies them for you on your site.

Creating dynamic segments to your influencer buckets in Klaviyo

2. Launch general brand awareness campaigns

Especially useful if you’re a newer brand, or want to get the word out to a specific demographic. Use your army of Gatsby influencers to launch a viral campaign -- sharing your brand and tagging you on social media! Here’s how easy it can be.

3. Launch product-specific influencer campaigns

Cross-reference customer data with influencer data to identify which influencers have purchased specific products. Reach out to those influencers to promote the exact products you're focused on and drive product-specific sales. This works great for events and virtual events too. Simply integrate Gatsby with your event registration form, then ask your influential attendees to invite their followers. Since these people will likely want their followers to join them anyway, the offer can be small, like an extra t-shirt as Bike For Humanity's charity event saw.

4. Create new "lookalike" audiences for Instagram and Facebook ads

Influential customers are highly valuable to any business, as they can organically increase brand awareness about your products and services. Now with your Gatsby data, you have the unique ability to build an advertising campaign targeting more people who look like your influential customers. This is easy to accomplish by simply exporting your list of influencers from Gatsby and importing them to your Facebook Ads campaign for a “lookalike” audience.

Targeting new customers who look like your influential customers

5. Give random acts of kindness, spur organic social

The best gifts come when you’re least expecting them, like a random text from your loved one saying how much they appreciate you, or a friend taking you out for dinner just because. People love surprises and love to share them on social media. You can recreate this feeling with your customers, and should especially consider creating surprises for your influential customers who are most likely to share your random act of kindness with a larger audience.

6. Humanize your website visitors

It always helps to put faces to names. Get to know the real people who visit your website by following and engaging with them on social media. Not only does this help build community and engagement, it also helps you target more precisely for future marketing initiatives (see #4 above)

7. Pick 10 customers per day to give special attention to and build rapport with

Pick the 10 based on audience reach, and combine that intel with recent purchases, keywords in their bio, their proximity to an upcoming event and more. Just send them an email, thank them for their purchase and see if they have any feedback or requests. Just 10 emails per day and see the impact it has on customer delight.

8. Kickstart or refresh your affiliate network with influential customers

Gatsby is a perfect complement to your affiliate program. It will identify influential customers at the top of your sales funnel and then can invite them to join your affiliate program and get reward. Gatsby even integrates directly with Refersion to identify when influencers are directly signing up for your affiliate program. Once you know who has a larger reach, you may want to reach out and nurture those relationships a little further, perhaps increase their commission structure too. The marginal increase is paid back in spades when you’re competing against other affiliate programs.

9. Integrate with your email marketing system to create tailored drip campaigns to influential customers

This goes hand-in-hand with #1, but rather than limit yourself to newsletter drips that are focused on influencer incentives, personalize the type of content you’re sending out based on influence. For example, you can imagine an influencer is more likely to respond with messaging geared toward social media opportunities, new content, and virtual events.

10. Generate demand for new products with early-access to influencers

Create a subset of Gatsby influencers you’ve already successfully partnered with to receive exclusive information on and early access to new product launches. This is also a useful tactic to create demand for a new product before its launch.

11. Crowd source new products by asking your influencers what they want

Take a page out of Colourpop’s book and poll your most influential customers on new products (or variations of existing products) they’d like to see from your brand. If the product ends up getting produced, thank your customers by letting them choose the product/color name!

12. Build your following by engaging with all your customers on Instagram

Start following the customers captured by Gatsby and engage with them (liking and commenting) in an authentic way. This will have a double effect of increasing your social reach and engagement, as well as your customer satisfaction and retention.

13. Create product collabs with customers

Building Gatsby, we’ve learned of many new ways that our customers use our product than originally intended (hence this blog post). Your new gym bag may end up going viral as an office briefcase, or your new dog bowl as a human bowl (who knows!) but once you discover which of your customers are using your products in new and innovative ways, reach out to the influential ones to create a social media collaboration broadcasting how they use it to their friends and followers. That's about as authentic as it gets.

14. Run a special giveaway to influencers

Offer a high-stakes giveaway exclusively for influencers. Winner gets to name a product, host an event with your brand, or get featured on your website (a popular strategy used by our friends at Steve Madden)

15. Populate in-store events with real customers who are influential

Take your digital partnership to the next level IRL. Invite influencers you’ve partnered with on social media to attend special media/press or influencer events at your brick and mortar location. (Check out this case study as an example!)

16. Customize the checkout experience based on influence, convert more tastemakers

If you have technology on your site to customize content and checkout experiences based on your site visitor data, then this is a perfect add-on opportunity. Imagine capturing an influencer in your subscriber popup, then automatically customizing their buyer’s journey to make that influencer feel special and increase your conversion rate with these tastemakers.

17. Launch education webinars with your influencers

Invite your influencers to listen to your education team on best practices for using your products (like how to properly apply a new beauty product) and eventually co-host these webinars with your influential customers themselves!

Educate your influencers on how to best use your products

18. Ask influential customers to re-post content on their blogs

Build those backlinks! Many social media influencers also have blogs -- ask them to share relevant content from your blog on their blog. Even better, go one step further and invite them to guest-author new content you both can share.

19. Interview influential customers for blog content

Collabs aren’t limited to social media! Build SEO and broaden your blog’s reach by featuring influential customers on your blog in exchange for an attractive offer.

20. Get more UGC

Build your content library by partnering with Gatsby customers to share photos of their purchases. Make sure to tag them when you repost. Not only does this provide additional imagery to share on social media, it makes customers feel special to get a shout out from a brand!

As you can see, the opportunities here are far and wide. Since the influencers that you're capturing with Gatsby are your customers first and foremost, the range of ways you can leverage this data and engage with these customers is far wider than with traditional influencers and influencer platforms.

How do you use Gatsby? Let us know, and we may include you in the post! We love learning all the ways our customers use Gatsby to scale their micro-influencer programs.