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Social Checkouts Now Available

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Social Checkouts Now Available

When we started Gatsby, it wasn't about popups or promotions, it was about helping brands and their consumers connect on a more authentic level. Lead magnet popups were just our first vehicle into the market - it gave brands a turn-key system for adding Instagram capture to their website. And it gave us insight into how brands are thinking about social media, customer engagement, and micro-influencers / nanoinfluencers.

We knew we were onto something. But we needed to figure out a way to help all brands identify and engage with their social customers at scale.


The common objections to our social popup product were:

  1. We don't run promotional offers
  2. We've invested too much in our current popup to switch

But it was always with a heavy heart (at least that's how I took it) that they were turning down Gatsby, because those brands still wanted the social intel & automatic engagement, and couldn't get it with their current tools.

So as we thought about the next evolution of Gatsby - it needed to solve those objections. Naturally, we looked at all the other places where customers enter information for brands. The checkout form came out on top.


We hypothesized that consumers would gladly provide their Instagram handles while checking out with brands they like. And we built a beta to find out.


After about a month of having the beta run on multiple customer websites, we knew we were REALLY on to something.

Take Ryno Power for example. They were using our social popup product for about 6 months prior to integrating at checkout. As soon as they integrated at checkout, they increased their number of social captures by 65%

Another example, Greek House. They only use Gatsby's new checkout integration, and are finding that 45% of their consumers are entering their Instagram handle while checking out. And as a brand that sells primarily to college students, an incredible 40% of those transactions are to people with a social reach of greater than 1,000 friends / followers.

Imagine knowing which of your customers could intimately introduce you to 1,000 new customers. That's the power of Gatsby and understanding / engaging with your most social customers.

"It just feels like we're much more connected to our customers now. If I can see who this person is, this is a human, it improves our customer service, sales team, and adds to our overall experience. There are a lot of different ways we can use this information." - Greek House

We are all very proud of this release and excited to make it generally available today. To learn more and get setup, just shoot us a note at

Gatsby created an easy way for brands to capture customer influence. It provides them with social context on their customers, auto-delights the influential ones, and grows genuine word-of-mouth on social.