Authentic Marketing Made Easy

Use Gatsby to turn your real customers into genuine micro-influencers


Drive Conversions

Gatsby starts by helping with an immediate online sale.

How It Works

Identify Influence

It then provides you with a dashboard view of customers sortable by social reach.

How It Works

Gatsby isgetting noticed by...

"If you have customers...Gatsby may be your new best friend." - Inc.

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  1. Create a Gatsby campaign

    It can be a custom button on your site, or simply a hyperlink (like this one) for you to send in newsletters, posts, etc.

  2. Customers become social

    Your customers click it, go social with your brand, and receive an immediate promo code or giveaway entry.

    Promo code also sent via email with a link back to your site. Increases conversions!

  3. Receive auto-intros

    Sort customers by audience size, and be automatically introduced to your most influential customers via email.

    Unique to Gatsby! Sit back and receive emails that tee-up influencer campaigns with real customers

Gatsby is amplifying brands in a variety of industries

  • “Gatsby is more than social sharing, promotions or referrals, it's true customer engagement.”
    Nano Stasiak
  • I prefer to work with girls with less than 10,000 followers. They get better conversions and have more brand loyalty.”
    Brittany O’Steen
  • “We've calculated that 11% of customers have used the Gatsby promo code so far... exciting!”
    Danielle Burrage
  • “The insight it gathers helps us make more effective marketing decisions immediately.”
    Mitchell Raisch
    Just Chill
  • “The flow is not only simple and seamless, but it embraces a community during the buying process.”
    Amy Pellegrini
    Navitas Organics
  • They say every brand should identify it's top 1,000 fans, and I want to populate that list, but it's a real challenge to get that data. Gatsby is the best way.
    Kudzai Taziva
    Sunniva Cafe

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