Not Influencers, Customers.

When your brand needs to get the word out, the authentic word out, Gatsby can help.

Gatsby introduces you to your social customers.

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  • “Gatsby has been extremely useful in identifying loyal customers who can double as influencers, and making those connections for us automatically.”
    Cesar Gonzalez
    Oats Overnight
  • “Our site conversion has increased by 5% and our online sales by 43% year-over-year with Gatsby. Give it a go, we promise you won't regret it.
    Kyle F.
    Grady's Cold Brew
  • “Within the first 2 weeks, we've found that 25% of our purchases were influenced by our Gatsby campaign. Great product and exceptional customer service.”
    Dave S.
    SLAM Media
  • “It's true customer engagement. We've seen web sales increase by 10% with Gatsby.”
    Nano Stasiak
  • “Gatsby works great and the support team is super helpful! Nobody makes it easier to engage with your online customers on social.”
    Adam I.

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10% Follower Rate, 30% Purchase Rate, and they're converting real customers into advocates. READ MORE

Gatsby is for you if you want to:

Increase conversions with a smart promotion

Rather than give promo codes away, encourage your customers to connect with you on social media first.

Learn how one beauty brand attributes 33% of sales to their Gatsby campaign

Identify your social customers

Review your customers' social profiles complete with name, photo, audience size, and email address.

Be introduced to authentic customer advocates

Create a custom email that auto-introduces you to your most social customers. Use it to source micro-influencers, gather customer feedback, and build real relationships with your consumers.

See a real example from food brand, Oats Overnight

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13% Social Rate, 63% Purchase Rate, and attributing 1/3 of sales to their Gatsby campaign. READ MORE

How It Works


Create A Gatsby Campaign

It can be a custom-branded button on your site, or a direct link to send in newsletters and social posts.


Your Visitors Go Social

Your customers click the button and follow your brand for an immediate promo code or giveaway entry.


Review Their Social Profiles

For the first time, you'll be able to sort your site visitors by audience size & see their profile photo (email included).


Get Auto-Introduced

Email your influential customers directly, or let Gatsby send the auto-email intro for you. Real Exchange Below

From: Real Brand (via Gatsby)
To: Real Customer

My name's Alex, and I manage the Instagram here. We love your page and were wondering if you'd be interested in a collab! -Alex

From: Real Customer
To: Real Brand

Hi Alex,I would love to do something with you guys. I love your product :) Thanks Sam

Sent from my iPhone

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