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Increase sales through social customers

Gatsby identifies your social customers with a classier popup, then encourages them to share the love

“We came to Gatsby to automate our micro-influencer outreach, particularly with real customers, but we found it’s also a big win for scaling more customer relationships.”

“Gatsby has helped us turn interest into customers, better engage with customers… and is consistently responsible for 30% – 35% of our Shopify sales with an 1,800% ROI.”


of site visitors that use Gatsby, convert to sales


of your customers likely have > 1,000 followers


Real Customer Engagement

Learn who your customers are on social media. Save time sourcing authentic advocates and sending intro emails. Gatsby does it for you.

Use Gatsby pre-conversion to identify & convert site visitors, and then generate even more traffic with your new customer advocates.

When did ecommerce become so impersonal? Get to really know your customers with human-to-human conversations.

How It Works

Activating Your Authentic Influencers

Capture email + social

Design a sweepstakes or promotion that captures web leads and drives conversions

Review customer profiles

Build your newsletter list, but also identify customer personas and audience sizes

Auto-engage via email

Automatically engage with your most influential customers. You customize the email, triggers, and more


Besides Being Easy To Setup

Brand your button, campaign, and make it look like a native extension of your site.

Run your campaign on mobile and desktop. Mobile view shown to your left.

You will identify your site visitors’ name, email address, audience size, and get automatically introduced to them.

Manage & Interact via:

  • Email Address

  • Instagram Handle

  • # of Followers vs Following

  • Automated Intros Triggers

  • Custom Email Templates

  • Filters

  • CSV Export

  • Integrations to CRM, Newsletters etc