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Introducing Instagram DM Auto-Replies

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Introducing Instagram DM Auto-Replies

Introducing our first major product update of 2023: You can now take a scalable approach to managing your incoming Instagram DM messages by activating new DM Auto-Replies in Gatsby!

Our first version of this feature takes advantage of keyword tracking. You can now trigger automated replies based off of different keywords or key phrases you receive.

For example, if you receive a DM with the word "collab" in it, you can auto-respond back via DM with a link to your ambassador signup page.



This DM Auto-Replies feature unlocks the ability to manage common DMs in a more strategic, organized and efficient way. Additional benefits include: 

  • Automate profile verification within Gatsby 
  • Smarter segmentation 
  • Increase Instagram engagement
  • Increase Instagram reach 

Top Use Cases: 

While there are countless ways you can leverage this new feature to engage with your customers and community, we’ve see a few initial use-cases emerge to the top as quick wins that are universal for brands and simple to set up:

Profile Confirmation:

Just like how your customers join your newsletter or sms list and need to confirm their email or phone number, we encourage you to use the new DM Auto-Replies feature to confirm their social handles. As soon as a customer fills out your form to apply to your community or ambassador program, simply tell them to DM you the word "confirm". It’s as simple as that! 

For example, set the following as the Success Step on your Klaviyo Form:

And when the customers goes on to send you the word "Confirm" via DM, you auto reply with a note about your collab offer or to check their email for more details.

Manage Inbound Collab Requests:

Automatically respond to DMs that include words like “ambassador”, “collab” or “influencer” in them. Send back a message auto-directing them to a landing page where they can apply for your program. Gatsby then automatically filters and sorts your applications for you too. This is a great way for brands to efficiently manage and respond to high-volume interest with ease!


The “Ad Double Dip” Strategy

This is one of Brett’s personal favorite use cases as it amplifies ROAS and the long term effect of any ads you may be running.

Instead of running an ad that simply gives new customers a discount code to try tour products, simply change the 'call-to-action' to say something like "DM us the phrase 'Go Green' to receive your special offer"

The beauty of this strategy is that it increases your brand’s Instagram engagement, ultimately increasing your reach as the algorithm picks up on the DM activity from new customers. This gives you a competitive edge in their Instagram feed, so they’ll be much more likely to see your content (and any new products or offers you share).

Manage Giveaways and Contests:

Invite your email list (or create an ad using the strategy above) to enter your giveaways and contests via DM. This is an easy way for people to enter your giveaway while also increasing your brand’s Instagram engagement and reach.


The best part? You can start using automated DMs right now, with minimal set-up necessary – head over to our help article to get going. And stay posted for additional updates to this feature coming soon, including the ability to dynamically add unique coupon codes to the DMs, along with more logic and rules functionality. Plus we'll soon support automated responses to Instagram Story mentions. The opportunities here are truly endless, creating a ton of value for your marketing team and your customers.