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Press Release: Gatsby Next Gen

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Press Release: Gatsby Next Gen


October 1, 2020 -- San Diego, California --  Gatsby, a B2B platform that has been helping brands like Steve Madden and Fashion Nova identify their most social customers (or “micro-influencers”) on Instagram, today released “Gatsby Next Gen”, a fully automated suite of tools that makes micro-influencer marketing simple and easy. Gatsby Next Gen includes a new dashboard, scoring system, and integrations that enable clients to access new, powerful data and social analytics on their customers for a completely automated micro-influencer management experience.

Gatsby discovers micro-influencers from a client’s website visitors and customers. It gathers Instagram handles through a voluntary opt-in field integrated in a Klaviyo subscriber popup, Shopify checkout flow, custom registration form, and others. Clients are able to view Instagram profile metrics on these customers, which enables them to connect directly with all of their best micro-influencers for partnerships, in an effort to build brand awareness in an authentic, low-cost way. Gatsby Next Gen eliminates the arduous process of sourcing micro-influencers, tracking when an influencer posts, and measuring performance.

Gatsby Next Gen fills a huge demand that Brett Bernstein, Gatsby’s CEO and Founder, noticed while talking with his clients. He says, “The biggest request we hear from brands is that, while they love the data and being able to build an army of micro-influencers easily, they need a way to track when all these hundreds or thousands of micro-influencers are actually posting, and a way to measure their engagement, reach, growth and overall effect on the company’s brand awareness. So, we developed those very things.”

Gatsby Next Gen’s features include:

● New real-time insights, graphs, and analytics to easily measure engagement, reach and overall performance that their customer micro-influencers are driving

● A proprietary customer scoring system, dubbed the “G Score”, which makes it easier for clients to decide which customers to engage with as influencers

● More filters so that brands can target specific follower sizes, keywords in an Instagram user’s bio, and more, and use those as rules for email automation

This release also includes a closer partnership with Klaviyo, one of the leading email marketing platforms used by online retailers and Shopify merchants. Together, the two companies can provide clients with a completely automated & turn-key micro-influencer campaign management system.

Stewart Wesley, Strategic Partnerships at Klaviyo, says, “By integrating Klaviyo and Gatsby, merchants can segment their customers by influence and develop email and SMS campaigns that make micro-influencer marketing significantly easier.”

According to Influencer Marketing Hub’s ‘The State of Influencer Marketing 2020: Benchmark Report’, influencer marketing is expected to top $9.7 billion this year, resulting in $56b in revenue for brands with an average EMV of $5.78 per $1 spent. However, one of the biggest challenges marketers encounter is discovering the right influencers to partner with, especially when they are sourcing hundreds or thousands of micro-influencers. Of the marketers surveyed by Mediakix in their annual Influencer Marketing Survey in 2019, 61% noted they found it difficult to identify relevant influencers for a campaign and “building an always on strategy” was listed in the top 3 chief influencer marketing challenges they faced. Gatsby Next Gen aims to take out the guesswork and manual nature of it, providing marketers with data and tools to support their decisions.


Gatsby is a technology platform that provides growing brands with more intimate customer and social analytics, featuring powerful influencer discovery from their customer base, collaborative workflow automations, and engagement metrics on all their customer influencers and micro-influencers. Platforms like Instagram are driving social discovery and growth, but measuring and using influence the right way is a challenge for brands who want to be authentic with their spokespeople. Gatsby exists to help companies grow their businesses with authenticity and speed. Gatsby is based in San Diego, California. To learn more, visit


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