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How Gatsby Is Helping A NYC Studio Drive Paid Social Conversions

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How Gatsby Is Helping A NYC Studio Drive Paid Social Conversions

We know how frustrating it can be to spend tons of time, money and effort on social media ad strategies, only to watch them fall short of your expectations!

So as we talk with clients and hear about new ways our customers are using Gatsby to innovate and improve their overall marketing efforts, we'll share the solutions with all of you. We're in this together!

For today, we wanted to share how one New York City fitness brand has been using Gatsby to solve a problem they were encountering with paid social ads... in summary they've been able to increase their conversions by 2x or 100%. Read on to learn how:

The Problem:

NYC-based aerial dance studio Body & Pole had tested various ads (and offers) on social media for months, with little-to-no conversion, but they noticed that the Gatsby button and popup on their home page continued to perform well -- always driving conversions.

A deep-dive of the social media ad results revealed that 99% of the ads clicks were through mobile - Instagram or Facebook mobile - and in order to redeem the class, the users had to create an account with Body & Pole via MindBody (a third-party platform). This was an arduous task for someone typing on a phone, and most likely, on-the-go. As a result, despite receiving a healthy click-through-rate (CTR), the paid social ads just were not converting.

The Solution:

Body & Pole suspected that those who clicked through the Gatsby button avoided this issue because Gatsby emailed the promo code to them, which helped in two ways:

1. It reminded them of their promotion code in case they forgot -- serving as a form of retargeting

2. It stored all the relevant info (including the code) so that by the time the user got to a computer, they could more easily complete the signup.

Armed with this data, Body & Pole changed their ad to replicate the offer they promoted on their Gatsby popup, and simply directed users to head to their website to redeem. The process was so seamless (users intuitively knew to click the Gatsby button, because it was so prominently featured on the webpage), such that after just two weeks, they doubled their paid social conversion rate. Success!

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