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5 Reasons to Use a Landing Page

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5 Reasons to Use a Landing Page

What is a landing page? You’ve probably heard the term, in fact you’ve probably visited hundreds of them and if you’re in digital marketing, odds are you are already using them. A landing page is a dedicated web page that serves a purpose for campaigns or marketing efforts. It’s called a “landing” page, because it’s where a web visitor lands after clicking through a link in an email, SMS message, ad, or social post. While it’s a type of webpage, a landing page is distinguished by a specific function  – a singular call to action (CTA). And herein lies their inherent benefit - they’re most useful when you want a visitor to take a specific action, such as provide contact information or access a special promotion. They serve a very important function in the marketing funnel because it’s usually the step that converts a website visitor to a customer. As you can imagine, landing pages are a powerful tool, and they can be extremely beneficial in your influencer marketing/community building efforts. Let’s take a look at why you might want to consider employing a landing page with Gatsby to grow your community and vet potential influencers:

1. Eyes on the prize: the entire purpose of a landing page is to get a visitor to take a specific action. If you’re looking to get their Instagram and/or TikTok handle in exchange for a special discount or offer, it can be most effective to lead them to a specific page where it’s clear what actions you want them to take.

2. Keep it brief:  when it comes to emails and SMS outreach, brevity is key as studies have shown you only have mere seconds to capture your recipient’s attention with whatever it is you have to say. So you have to make your message count! Keep your message brief by enticing recipients with a link to a landing page where you can then add more details once you’ve captured their attention. For example, an intriguing email might say, “Join our community and unlock 20% off your next purchase”, followed by a link where there are more details about the offer and visitors are prompted to fill out a form with their social handles in order to redeem the discount.

3. Ability to test: utilizing a landing page that you design and control allows you to continue to improve and refine your messaging and conversion rates by testing with different variables. The options are endless – you can test creatives, copy, CTA, forms and user experience, just to name a few!

4. Make the first move: as long as you have their email address or phone number, employing a landing page allows you to take a bit more control to initiate capturing your customers’ Instagram or TikTok handles. Instead of hoping they’ll click on a button on your website or waiting until they make a purchase, delivering the landing page directly to their inbox or SMS (with an intriguing CTA, of course) drastically helps improve the odds that they will follow through.

5. The “Wow” Factor: last but not least, landing pages offer a unique opportunity for marketers to dazzle their audience with fun creatives, graphics and animations, all of which create a more memorable experience for the visitor and a more positive association with your brand. In other words, they’re more likely to take the action you want with a super engaging, well designed landing page.

We hope that inspires you to start using landing pages if you aren’t already! To get started with Gatsby install our app today or contact us with any questions.