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Lingua Franca converts 1,000+ Instagram Followers into Email Subscribers in Under 1 Week

by Brett Bernstein on
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    Lingua Franca converted 1,000 of their Instagram followers into email subscribers with a single Instagram giveaway.
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    It took just 7 days to surpass 1,000 email subscribers from Instagram, with minimal setup and management.

Lingua Franca is an innovative and creative fashion brand. They started with luxury cashmere sweaters, hand-stitched by women in NYC, and have grown to support a variety of categories, even wallpaper!

With over 150,000 Instagram followers and an active community, Lingua Franca needed a way to convert more of those followers into email & SMS subscribers.

They recognized how fragile an Instagram relationship can be - as they are at the whim of Meta's algorithm to serve up their content to their audience - so they jumped at an opportunity to seamlessly convert their social community into their owned channel on Klaviyo.

Lingua Franca DM Example Gatsby List Growth

Executive Summary

The company created an Instagram giveaway that generated high engagement and drove over 1,000 Instagram followers to subscribe to their email list in 6 days. The kicker? Those 1,000 followers subscribed directly from their Instagram DMs.

Lingua Franca Gatsby Instagram Giveaway Post


Klaviyo, Shopify


They approached Gatsby to address three main needs:

1. Own their Instagram relationships - a major opportunity

2. Automation - campaigns need layers of automation at their scale

3. Attribution - measure sales from Instagram followers


When the Lingua Franca team heard Taylor Swift's new album mention the Chelsea Hotel, they jumped on the moment to develop a Tortured Poets & Modern Idiots collection - in honor of the hot album.

Within hours of Taylor's album dropping, the team designed an Instagram giveaway to promote their new product and encourage all their Swifty followers to engage.

Lingua Franca Giveaway Instagram Stories

The process to set this up was simple, as they generated just two Instagram DM auto-replies in Gatsby.

Gatsby Instagram Auto Replies Lingua Franca

Step 1: Auto-Reply on Keyword "POET"

Auto Reply Keyword Poet Lingua Franca

When an instagram user DMs them the word "POET", they auto-reply with the following message:

"Yay! To finish your entry, reply with your email and join our list!"

Step 2: Auto-Reply for Email Capture

Auto Reply Email Capture Lingua Franca

When an Instagram user DMs with their email address, they auto-reply with a branded "Modern Idiots" button to join their email list.

This drove over 1,000 email subscribers in under a week.

Lingua Franca DM Example Gatsby List Growth

Lingua Franca AutoReply and Insights

Step 3: Welcome Flow

Depending on your setup, these new email or SMS subscribers can immediately drop into your Klaviyo Welcome Flow.

Or you can choose to drop them into a giveaway specific Klaviyo Flow. Lingua Franca chose to do both.

Lingua Franca welcome flow 

Lingua Franca Tortured Poets Email


More on the Klaviyo Integration:

In addition to gaining new email subscribers from Instagram, the social properties for each of these subscribers also syncs to Klaviyo now as well.

This includes how many Instagram followers each new subscriber has, along with events for when they follow the brand and publish UGC.

Klaviyo Email Subscriber Showing DM Keywords

And Instagram UGC / mention events too!

Gatsby Instagram metrics in Klaviyo

Gatsby homepage overview klaviyo sync

This additional Instagram data in Klaviyo allows them to trigger Flows that convert more subscribers into Followers, and flows that encourage and reward for UGC among their influential customers.

Want to set flows like those up? Check out our flow templates or reach out to one of our preferred agency partners like eBusiness Pros for a hands-on Gatsby launch package.

What's next?

In the coming days, Gatsby will release a feature that tracks all the orders & revenue that these new Instagram-driven subscribers spend with Lingua Franca. We will update this case study with attribution and revenue metrics when available.


What's next? 

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