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Introducing Full Social Listening

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Introducing Full Social Listening

Scale your community and take your micro-influencer marketing to the next level with our newest update: Full Social Listening.

What is Full Social Listening in Gatsby?

This update allows you to automatically track every Instagram Story & every Instagram Post that @mentions your brand.

But even better, because this is Gatsby, you'll be able to easily connect the dots back to their customer record in Klaviyo, Gorgias, Sailthru and more. This automates your engagement with this social customer and scales your community building.

Watch a 4 minute demo of this workflow in action:

Why this is so impactful:

1. Connect the dots between customers mentioning you on social media & their customer profiles in Klaviyo so you can consolidate everything in one place, automate engagement, encourage more posts / longer term relationships, and scale your community

2. Start getting value right away, even before you create & integrate an Ambassador Form to your website

3. You can widen your net, identify great ambassadors automatically as soon as they mention you in a Story or Post

4. For merchants that sell through physical retailers, like many of our food & beverage clients, this is an especially big win for you. Many of your customers are buying your products in stores and then sharing their love on Instagram, but those records of who is publishing Stories are often in a silo, inaccessible to your Email & SMS marketing strategies since these customers never go to your website. Now you can connect the dots, encourage them to buy direct, and make them customers for life.

How it works:

You're no longer limited to tracking Instagram media from just your customers who have applied to your ambassador - when a customer @mentions you but is not in your ambassador program yet, you can easily just DM them right from Gatsby to get them added. Either ask for their email right through DM or link them to a signup page. As soon as you get their email through DM or a form, Gatsby connects the dots with your email & sms marketing systems.

This is in addition to Ambassador Signup Forms

We recommend you still have customers opt-in through a form post-purchase and set up a landing page where you can send customers via DM to signup themselves (when they signup using the same handle, it will update their email address in Gatsby automatically).

We suggest you write a template text to send via DM to everyone who mentions you in their Instagram Story. This will direct them to a landing page to apply for your ambassador program, like this landing page for Kulani Kinis:

In Summary:

This is a powerful new feature that allows for a more direct, comprehensive and seamless interaction with your brand’s most loyal fans.

Most importantly, Gatsby's full social listening enables you to connect the dots between social media profile and customer record in your Marketing Automation Systems like Klaviyo for Email and SMS, Gorgias for Customer Support, and more.

Just like that, you’re ready to automate ongoing engagement with these customers and advocates of your brand, and you can leverage our Email / SMS templates for Klaviyo and Omnisend if you're using one of those solutions.

You can see an example of these automated workflows in this Case Study with Promix Nutrition

Benefits of Full Social Listening in Gatsby: 

  • Connect the dots between customers mentioning you on social media & their customer profiles in Klaviyo
  • This is especially big for customers selling in retail, who don't those customers opting in on your website
  • Get value right away, even before launching your ambassador program or integrating Gatsby to your store
  • Discover more potential influencers and brand ambassadors
  • Automate interactions and rewards with a wider audience, scale your community

If you’re already a customer on one of our new plans (released April 2022), you’re ready to go! If not, contact us to get started today. For more about Full Social Listening, and to see it in action, check out our video linked here and contact us.