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Case Study: Orttu generates 16x ROI from community

by Brett Bernstein on

ORTTU understands that to be a brand, your mission has to go deeper than SKUs and COGS. While ORTTU may sell apparel, they're in this business to help people find clothes that represent their innermost feelings.

In pursuit of this mission, they've naturally built a community of likeminded people. They say it best on their About page:


"Those who wear our clothing might not know each other, but they recognize each other."

ORTTU stands for Open Road to the Universe, and we love that. Their attention to core values and community are what helps set them apart from other merchants, contributing to their strong word-of-mouth, LTV, and growth.


The team came to Gatsby to help scale their community management and measure the impact that their community is having on sales. Most importantly, ORTTU is a lean team and they needed a way to scale an ambassador program without burning a lot of time.

Within their first 3 months of installing the Gatsby Shopify app, they've had nearly 1,500 customers apply to their community, received 700 pieces of Instagram UGC from ambassadors, and measured a 16x ROI in new sales from their ambassadors and new customers.

Below is a graph of their ambassador Instagram UGC by day (all via automated outreach, tracking, and rewards with Gatsby):


ORTTU installed the Gatsby Shopify App and activated our template Klaviyo Email & SMS flows. (Gatsby works with every ecommerce store though, not just Shopify).

Automated Email & SMS via Klaviyo Flows

Flow 1:

Outreach to customers after they provide their IG handle:

Below are what their text-based outreach emails looks like:

Email / SMS Content:

First message that everyone receives after they enter their Instagram Handle:

Second message, sent an hour later, goes to customers with 100 to 20,000 Instagram Followers:

Note: They created Shopify Coupon Codes via Gatsby to track all the revenue driven through this program. Those 'YOUR CODE" variables populate when the email is sent.

They also set up a conditional split for customers who have > 20,000 Instagram followers. The team at ORTTU is notified of these larger influencers instead of sending an automated message:

The third message sent out to the social customer is via SMS, if that customer has opted into that communication channel:

We've seen a lot of success when clients couple the Email flows with SMS, either via Klaviyo or Attentive SMS (we support both).

Fourth message is a reminder that goes out 7 days later if the customer hasn't mentioned them on Instagram yet. It looks nearly identical to the initial offer email with slightly different wording to signify its a reminder.

Flow 2:

When the customer mentions ORTTU on Instagram, they get an email & sms with their coupon code for $100 off and a chance to be featured as ORTTU's Ambassador of the Month:

Here's what the email looks like:

But in order for the automated flows to really work, there needs to be customers applying to their Ambassador program. That's where the next step comes in.

Landing Page & Email Campaign

To kickstart their Gatsby community program, they built a simple landing page with a Klaviyo Form embedded in it to collect Instagram and TikTok:

They then sent an email campaign out to all their recent active customers, inviting them to apply to their Ambassador Program:

Subject Line: Become an ORTTU Brand Ambassador, {First Name}

Preview Text: As an ORTTU Brand Ambassador, you will gain access to exclusive products, events, and special deals.

The above campaign was sent to 24,645 customers and performed very well, with a 75% open rate and a 7% click rate.

Within the first 2 days hours after sending this newsletter, ORTTU had 748 customers fill out and apply to their program:

This represents a roughly 36% form submission rate on the landing page, with a clear spike at the time of the campaign going out:

In addition to the landing page for driving past customers into their program, ORTTU also added a Klaviyo form to their Order Confirmation page. Collecting Instagram and TikTok handles from new customers after they check out:

For the past 90 days since launch, this form has been averaging a healthy ~5% opt in rate by customers passively choosing to join their community after checkout:

They now just started testing a donation program showing up above the Klaviyo form. As expected, having the form lower on the page reduces the form conversion rate. This is why its great to have a few Gatsby forms running at and given time, between landing pages, popups, and order confirmation.


"By far the most advanced influencer app on Shopify." - Dario James, Co-Founder at ORTTU


In their first 3 weeks:

Ambassador Applications: 1,414

Ambassadors Approved for Automated Flows: 1,134

Ambassadors Published Content: 188 or 13% of approved ambassadors

Total UGC From Ambassadors: 642 pieces of content

Orders Driven by Ambassador's Redeeming Gifts: 62

Orders Driven by Ambassadors Sharing Their Code: 30

ROI From These Orders: 16x