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Create a Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy for your Shopify Store

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Create a Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy for your Shopify Store

Most marketers understand the importance of influencer marketing to grow brand awareness and drive conversions. And now, with all this pandemic-driven e-commerce growth, influencers are more important than ever to ensure brand success! In fact, experts are predicting a 43% increase in online shopping this holiday season. Influencer marketing has been growing steadily and is expected to top $21.1 billion this year, with brands investing more heavily in micro-influencers, and engaging with their actual customers on Instagram. This is due to the authentic nature of their content, higher engagement rates, and increased actual influence on their peers’ purchasing habits. Studies have shown that 60% of consumers were influenced to purchase based on content from their peers. Chances are, your best influencers have already shopped with you -- you just might not know it yet! That’s where Gatsby comes in. Our platform works seamlessly with most ecommerce platforms, with the most popular being Shopify. With our integration together, you can instantly gather social data from your customers and website visitors (not on Shopify? Don’t worry, you can still sign-up here). Below we break down how you can leverage your influencer marketing strategy through Shopify, either on it’s own or along with one of our featured integrations: 

1. How Gatsby Works with Shopify: simply install the Gatsby app from the Shopify App Store here and either integrate with your current email subscriber popup (more on that below), or create a new subscriber form with our easy builder. Once your popup is live, you’ll start seeing your website visitor’s social data flow in, such as their follower counts, keyword bios, and more as they opt-in with your form. With our filters and proprietary scoring system, the “G Score”, you will instantly be able to identify key micro-influencers to partner with. You can vet, initiate collabs, and track performance all within the Gatsby platform or through partners like Klaviyo (more on that below)! If popups are not your thing, you can also choose to add an Instagram handle field to your order confirmation on Shopify Plus or other forms on your website. Data collected from this form field will automatically be enriched in your Gatsby dashboard. For a step-by-step guide on how to add to your order confirmation page, visit our Google Tag Manager integration guide or ask about our new webhooks or post url option. 

2. Klaviyo Integration: If you’re already working with Klaviyo, you’ll be able to benefit from one of our newest and most exciting updates, allowing you to completely automate your approach to influencer marketing! As Stewart Wesley, Strategic Partnerships at Klaviyo says,

“By integrating Klaviyo and Gatsby, merchants can segment their customers by influence and develop email and SMS campaigns that make micro-influencer marketing significantly easier.”

Here’s how it works: after you integrate Gatsby with your Klaviyo popup, data from your customers and website visitors will flow back to Klaviyo and populate in the customer’s Klaviyo profile.

You’ll be able to segment your customers for micro-influencer partnerships by creating email flows within Klaviyo, and inviting them to partner. By using dynamic coupon codes you can create within Klaviyo and Shopify, you can generate single-use discount codes that you can use to incentivize and thank your micro-influencers for sharing. You can also automatically trigger their reward by creating a second Klaviyo Flow that sends them their dynamic coupon code only after they mentioned you on Instagram. This uses our new and special integration to unlock new Klaviyo flows for influencer marketing. For a step-by-step guide on how to set influencer flows, keep reading here.

By using Gatsby and Klaviyo together, we offer a completely turnkey solution to finding influencers, coordinating collabs, tracking when influencers post, issuing rewards, and measuring performance.

3. Justuno integration: Our latest custom integration allows you to capture Instagram handles with your Justuno popup and automatically enrich them into your Gatsby platform. Without changing the design of your Justuno popup, our integration allows you to add a field for Instagram handles so you can get data from micro-influencers and customers who engage with your popup. While it might sound complex to do on your own, it’s something you can easily do without the help of a developer. Here’s a handy step-by-step guide we created to help you out. But don’t just take our word for it -- here’s what some early adopters of this integration have to say: 

“We loved the simple and easy integration and set-up with Justuno and that we didn't have to place a pixel onsite.” -- Jeff Hyde, Director of Growth, Hawke Media

If you’re a customer of Justuno and Klaviyo, they integrate together seamlessly so you can trigger email flows when a customer mentions your brand on Instagram. To proceed with the Klaviyo integration, just head over here and continue at Step 2. 

“The set-up process was so simple! I quickly added the Instagram handle form, and it fits in seamlessly with our existing Justuno pop-up.” - Lauren Costanza, Lifecycle Marketing Campaign Manager, Hawke Media  

4. Refersion integration: If you’re a Refersion customer, you can leverage the micro-influencers identified through Gatsby and invite them to participate in your affiliate program. Brands like Steve Madden and Babe Lash use Gatsby and Refersion together to vet, reach out and track content + referrals from their influential customers. There are two ways to make this connection:

1. You can use your existing popup integration with Gatsby along with your Klaviyo flows to identify influential customers and direct them to your Refersion signup form.

2. Utilizing a webhook, connect Gatsby directly to your Refersion sign up form. As people fill out your affiliates signup form, their email & Instagram handle gets sent to your Gatsby account for analysis and social stats.

In either scenario, you’ll get our unique scoring system, aka “The G Score”, which identifies the best affiliate prospects along with metrics to see which affiliates tag your brand on Instagram and how those posts perform for engagement and reach. Of course all this data will flow back to Klaviyo as well for automating the messaging, if that’s something you want to do. 

“Growing your affiliate community has never been easier thanks to our partnership with Gatsby. Together, we make the process of finding affiliates and tracking their social activity and referrals seamless. It lets you onboard and manage your micro-influencers with true ROI tracking built in.” - Margret Hurwitz, VP of Sales at Refersion

To set-up this integration, follow along here. Ps. We’ll also let you in on a little secret: stay tuned for an even more streamlined    affiliate signup flow, launching early next year! 

While we highlighted only a few, there are many other integrations available to use with Gatsby your Shopify store -- and more on the way! For the complete list of integrations, visit us here.