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Source micro-influencers from your site, use that inbound data within your Hubspot ecosystem.

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"If you have customers... Gatsby may be your new best friend." - Inc.

How To Integrate

It's as easy as logging in.

Image Gatsby's Brand Portal with the HubSpot Integration Try Now ↗
  1. Click "Connect" under HubSpot

    You'll find it in your Gatsby Brand Portal under Integrations.

  2. Login to HubSpot

    Login to HubSpot in the new window, pick the account you want to integrate, and you're done. You'll be sent back to Gatsby after it's complete.

What Happens Next

Gatsby sends inbound contact data to HubSpot in real-time.

Populate Social Fields

With Gatsby, you identify a customer's profile photo, email address, audience size. After integrating, that data populates in HubSpot as either a New Contact or updated fields in a previous contact.

Each time a visitor on your site uses Gatsby to earn a promo code, enter a giveaway, or apply to be an influencer, they are entering your HubSpot ecoysystem.

How Does Gatsby Work?

Run a beautiful campaign on your site that identifies your most social customers, then automatically tees up influencer campaigns with them.

  • Identify Influencers

    Identify Influencers

    Run a beautiful campaign on your site that encourages your site visitors to engage with your brand on social media.

    Every visitor / customer that uses your campaign will appear in the Dashboard for your review.

  • Get Introduced

    Turn On Auto-Intros

    When Gatsby identifies one of your customers with a significant level of influence, it can automatically email intro you and that person together.

    This tees up an influencer relationship with them.

  • Run Genuine Campaigns

    Run Genuine Campaigns

    Your best influencers are your customers. Work directly with them on building brand awareness online.

    Have fun making the perfect campaigns with the perfect customers.

Used by awesome brands in a variety of industries.

Watch How It Works (1:16)

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Please contact us with any questions via the chat icon to your right, or send an email here. We are actively developing and supporting this integration.

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