Meet Your Online Customers

When your brand needs to get the word out, source authentic advocates, build a real following, gather customer feedback, drive site conversions, expand an affiliate network, and talk directly to customers, Gatsby can help.

Gatsby introduces you to your social customers.


How It Works

Create a Gatsby Campaign

It can be a custom-branded button on your site, or a direct link to send in newsletters and social posts.

Your Visitors Go Social

Your customers click the button and follow your brand for an immediate promo code or giveaway entry.

Review Their Social Profiles

For the first time, you'll be able to sort your site visitors by audience size & see their profile photo. (Email Included)

Get Auto-Introduced

Email your influential customers directly, or let Gatsby send the auto-email intro for you.

and see how Gatsby makes authentic marketing a breeze


Increase Conversions

Build Authentic Social Following

Find Social Customers

Fuel Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Custom Branding

Source Micro-Influencers

Success Stories

Our site conversion has increased by 5% and our online sales by 43% year-over-year with Gatsby.

Kyle Furlong
Grady's Cold Brew

Gatsby is true customer engagement. We’ve seen web sales increase by 10% with Gatsby.

Nano Stasiak

I prefer to work with girls with less than 10,000 followers. They get better conversions and have more brand loyalty.

Brittany O’Steen

The insight it gathers helps us make more effective marketing decisions immediately.

Mitchell Raisch
Just Chill

In their first 3 weeks, Coloured Raine Cosmetics:

  • Identified 1,456 visitors' social profiles
  • Added 432 authentic Instagram followers
  • Saw 462 shares on Twitter & Facebook
  • Sourced influencers from 1k to 42k followers
  • About 25% of site visitors clicked their button

  • All in just 30 minutes of setup


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