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Genuine Influence At Scale

Your real customer, Alex from Los Angeles, has 6,200 social followers

Work with Alex on building brand awareness


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Every customer has influence

Run a promotion or giveaway that quantifies how much


Launch Builder

Gatsby works by putting a custom promotion button on your site. Design this button and resulting user flow in minutes.


Run Promotion

After adding that button to your site, customers will engage with your brand on social to receive a promo code or giveaway.


Review Data

By engaging with your Gatsby campaign, you capture that customer's name, handle, email address & audience size.


Work With Customers

Email any or all identified customers with targeted influencer proposals. Include appropriate incentive & creative.

“We've tried half a dozen tools to run giveaways, but Gatsby is undoubtedly the best experience for our users. Not only does it look sleek on our site, but it performs exceptionally well and provides unparalleled data insights.”
Sander DiAngelis
Founder, Moja Gear
  • “Gatsby is true customer engagement. We've seen web sales increase by 10% with Gatsby.”
    Nano Stasiak
  • “We've calculated that 11% of customers have used the Gatsby promo code so far... exciting!”
    Danielle Burrage
  • “The flow is not only simple and seamless, but it embraces a community during the buying process.”
    Amy Pellegrini
    Navitas Organics
  • “They say every brand should identify it's top 1,000 fans, but it's hard to make that list. Gatsby is the best way.”
    Kudzai Taziva
    Sunniva Cafe

Let's Talk ROI

Gatsby increases your site conversions by providing a sleek promotion to your shoppers.

Gatsby builds your social presence by helping customers follow you on Instagram and share your site on Facebook or Twitter.

Gatsby saves your social team tons of time by identifying & organizing your customers by social influence.


Typically 10-25% of site visitors will click your Gatsby button

Typically 15% of clicks will result in a social engagement

Typically 50% of visitors who earn the promo code will convert that session

100% of customers that use Gatsby have some degree of influence

It's super easy now to add social data to customers


Every Gatsby plan comes with a 7-day free trial, and a "wake-us-up-at-4am" level of customer service

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  • Data Capture

    So Just What Data Are You Talking About?

    In the process of your customer following or sharing, you'll identify that customer's name, email address, and most unique... their social reach.

    Depending on the social network, we may also capture location, gender, age range, & profile picture. And we're constantly working on increasing this list.

  • Easy Branding

    Gatsby Is About You

    Gatsby's campaign builder makes it easy publish a sleek & on-brand promotion to your site in minutes.

    In addition to custom colors, text, font and style, your Gatsby button can live anywhere on your site, and on any page.

    Every Gatsby plan comes with a 7-day free trial, and a "wake-us-up-at-4am" level of customer service

  • Custom Integrations

    Connectivity & Extensibility

    In addition to exporting your Gatsby data to CSV, Enterprise customers can access our API to connect the customer social data to a CRM, ESP, marketplace app, or any internal technology.

    Every Gatsby plan comes with a 7-day free trial, and a "wake-us-up-at-4am" level of customer service

Identify Your Influential Customers Today


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