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Gatsby identifies your influential customers, then introduces you to them. This improves conversions, social reach, and automates influencer sourcing.

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Gatsby Plugin For Your Site Try The Demo ↗

  1. Create a Gatsby campaign

    It can be a custom button on your site, or simply a hyperlink (like this one).

  2. Customers become social

    Your customers follow your brand to receive an immediate incentive.

  3. Receive auto-intros

    Discover and be auto-introduced to your most influential customers.

Gatsby also captures emails, and automates social actions. Try the demo ↗


food & beverage, coffee

"They have taken amazing care of us every step of the way and we can't thank Gatsby enough for the results they have produced for us!"


fashion, apparel, charity

"Great unique app - easy to add, highly effective and very supportive onboarding team!"



fashion, apparel, sporting

"Very easy to install and fulfills my needs!"

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