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Build Relationships, Drive Conversions

Meet Gatsby đź‘‹

Gatsby introduces you to your most social customers, for a more authentic approach to influencer marketing. With the use of an easily installed custom button on your website, Gatsby connects you directly with real customers. It works by offering a simple promotion or giveaway that captures your visitors’ email addresses and social media profiles. It then sends out some automated emails to increase conversions and introduce you those customers with a large social following. A win-win all around.

A Note From The Founder

Hi I’m Brett, thanks for taking a look at Gatsby. When I set out to create this company, I focused on solving three major issues for online brands:

  • Social media should be fun, easy, and authentic
  • Promotions should be classy, elegant
  • A greater % of site traffic should convert

The first issue we solve by connecting you with your real social customers. The second issue we solve by giving you a powerful set of tools to custom-brand a promotion experience that isn’t “in your face” yet still effective. And the third issue we solve by capturing the social profiles of your site visitors and helping you leverage those exact people to send their real friends back to your site.

I hope you find Gatsby helpful, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. My direct email is brett [at] gatsby [dot] ai.

I (and everyone on the team) look forward to working with you!


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