Benchmark Metrics

Diving Into The Performance of 12 Gatsby Campaigns

Summary Stats

Tracking 12 Brands Over The Course of a Week:

  • The smallest brand identified 9 social customers, and the largest brand identified 184.
  • Campaign conversion rates ranged from 20% to 67%, with a mean average of 34%
  • 10 out of the 12 brands identified visitors with more than 1,000 IG followers.
  • Looking at all the visitors identified, 8% had over 1,000 IG followers.
34% Conversion Rate

On average, 1 in 3 site visitors who clicked on a Gatsby button successfully completed the flow.

10 Found Customers w/ 1k+ Followers

Even a smaller brand with only 9 users in the week, identified a site visitor with 2,384 followers.

8% of Customers had > 1k Followers

Looking at all the site visitors / customers identified by this cohort, 8% had more than 1,000 followers.

Meet The Cohort

A Cross-Section of Consumer Brands:

  • Brand A: Affordable Women’s Fashion ● Gatsby Promotion: 10% Off
  • Brand B: Men’s Grooming ● Gatsby Promotion: 15% Off
  • Brand C: Oral Hygiene ● Gatsby Promotion: 10% Off
  • Brand D: Fashion Retailer ● Gatsby Promotion: 10% Off
  • Brand E: Sporting Goods ● Gatsby Promotion: 10% Off
  • Brand F: Healthy Snacks ● Gatsby Promotion: 10% Off
  • Brand G: Men’s Fashion ● Gatsby Promotion: 10% Off
  • Brand H: Apple Products ● Gatsby Promotion: 10% Off
  • Brand I: Skincare Line ● Gatsby Promotion: 10% Off
  • Brand J: Coffee Brand ● Gatsby Promotion: 15% Off
  • Brand K: Healthy Snacks ● Gatsby Promotion: 20% Off
  • Brand L: Affordable Eyewear ● Gatsby Promotion: 20% Of

% of Button Clicks Resulting in Completion (Campaign Conversion Rate)

Most Influential Customer Identified (# of Followers)

Total # of Social Customers Identified By This Cohort: 444

Automatic Intro Example: Brand F

Subject Line: Let’s chat…

This is Stevie, I manage the instagram here at Brand F. We love your feed. I was wondering if you’d be interested in collaborating.

Threshold: 500 Instagram Followers

Brand F told Gatsby to automatically introduce them to customers with > 500 Instagram followers.

5 Intro Emails Sent

During this week, Brand F was introduced to 5 customers with audiences from 600 to 5k followers.

20% Response Rate

1 in 5 customers who received their intro email responded favorably. They are now following up with the other 4.

Bottom Line

The # of social customers you’ll connect with depends on many variables, like:

  • Site Traffic
  • Promotion
  • Button Design
  • Your Product or Service

But, averages from this cohort show that once a customer clicks on your button, there’s a:

  • 34% chance you’ll capture that person’s information
  • 8% chance that person has over 1,000 followers

Use Gatsby to automatically connect you with those social customers.

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