Driving Conversions

A Case Study with 18.21 Man Made

18.21 Man Made is…

Not actually alcohol. They offer a range of premium grooming products in the spirt of the speakeasy. They are built on Shopify and drive traffic mostly through word-of-mouth.

Visit their Instagram, @1821manmade

The Problem

With an eye-catching product that plays naturally into a word-of-mouth strategy, it was imperative that 18.21 made it extremely easy for their site visitors to purchase & share. However, there was no easy way to:

Turn Customers Into Followers

Besides showing recent posts and social links, there was no way to connect a site visitor with social media.

Convert First Time Visitors

They wanted to do more than offer a newsletter popup, but weren’t ready to start running retargeting ads.

Build Authentic Advocates

Word-of-mouth is the name of the game for 18.21, yet they had no idea which customers were highly social.

The Solution

In their first 2 months using Gatsby, 18.21 spent less than an hour, and found:

13% Social Rate

About 13% of customers who chose to click on their Gatsby button connected their social profiles, and 87% that selected Instagram, completed the follow of @1821manmade.

63% Purchased

Of the site visitors who used their Gatsby campaign, 63% purchased 18.21 products right away. This cohort represented 33% of all transactions during that time period.

100’s of New Advocates

Not only did 47% of their shoppers that used Gatsby share on Twitter or Facebook, but they are building a database of their social customers with email, photo & audience size.

Next Up

“Tag your best looks #1821ManMade”

Using the customizable emails, 18.21 Man Made is building their hashtag campaign with Gatsby.

In the confirmation email that every user receives, they will mention that photos tagged with #1821ManMade have a chance to be featured in the corporate Instagram feed.

They also will be setting their automated intros threshold at 2,000 Instagram followers, and using it to personally engage their most social customers.

“We love becoming more engaged with our digital customers and rewarding them for sharing their unique 18.21 grooming experiences with friends. Gatsby is the best solution to do exactly that.”

Aston LaFon, Dir. Sales & Marketing
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