Authentic Influence

A Case Study with Oats Overnight

Oats Overnight is…

An innovative and fast growing food brand based in Los Angeles. Their customer acquisition strategy is heavily focused on digital marketing and social media.

Visit their Instagram, @oatsovernight

The Problem

With a focus on social media and micro-influencers, it was critical that Oats Overnight continue to engage their audience and source advocates. However, there was no easy way to:

Turn Customers Into Followers

Besides showing recent posts and social links, there was no way to connect a site visitor with social media.

Convert Site Visitors

The Oats team is highly skilled in digital marketing, and knew that capturing more information pre-conversion is key.

Source Customer Advocates at Scale

The process to find advocates was either highly manual & inefficient or via influencer databases.

The Solution

In their first 3 weeks using Gatsby, Oats Overnight spent less than an hour, and found:

10% Followed

About 10% of site visitors who chose to click on their Gatsby button connected their Instagram profile, gave their email address, and followed @oatsovernight.

30% Purchased

Of the site visitors who used their Gatsby campaign, 30% purchased oats right away. The other 70% are automatically added to a marketing drip.

Real Customer Posts

Not only did they identify 100’s of social customers, their 2,000 follower threshold for an automated intro generated real conversations and posts.

Automated Intro Example

From: Oats Overnight (via Gatsby)
To: Adam Customer
My name’s Cesar, and I manage the Instagram here at Oats Overnight. We love your page and were wondering if you’d be interested in a collab! Let me know if you’re interested and we can work something out 🙂
— Cesar, Oats Overnight
From: Adam Customer
To: Oats Overnight
Hi Cesar,
I would love to do something with you guys. I love your product.
Sent from my iPhone

“Gatsby has been extremely useful in identifying loyal customers who can double as influencers for us and making those connections for us automatically.”

Cesar Gonzalez, Dir. of Business Development
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