Oats Overnight is...

an innovative food brand with explosive growth. Their marketing team focuses on content for social media and SEO. They're driving significant site traffic and impressive sales numbers during their first year in business.

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The Problem

They wanted to leverage micro-influencers for budget and authenticity, however, the process was entirely manual. Also, the influencers weren't necessarily real Oats Overnight customers. There was no easy way to:

Turn Customers Into Followers

Besides showing recent Instagram posts and a link on their website, there was no way to connect a site visitor with social media.

Activate Customer Advocates

Since a sales transaction doesn't capture social data, the Oats team had no idea which of their customers used Instagram regularly.

Measure The ROI

Oats Overnight is a data-driven company, and needed a solution that was measurable against sales.

The Solution

In their first 3 weeks using Gatsby, Oats Overnight spent less than an hour, and found:

10% Follower Rate

About 10% of customers who chose to click on their Gatsby button successfully followed Oats Overnight on Instagram. This resulted in hundreds of authentic & targeted followers.

Real Customer Conversations

Gatsby automatically introduced the Oats social media manager to real customers with highly active social profiles. An example of a real email conversation is below.

30% Purchased

Of the site visitors who used their Gatsby campaign, 30% purchased Oats Overnight right away. The other 70% are being added to marketing campaigns.

Image Real post by a real customer - initiated by Gatsby
  1. From: Oats Overnight (via Gatsby)
    To: Real Customer

    My name's Cesar, and I manage the Instagram here. We love your page and were wondering if you'd be interested in a collab! Let me know and we can work something out :)-Cesar

  2. From: Real Customer
    To: Oats Overnight

    Hi Cesar, I would love to do something with you guys. I love your product :) -Thanks

  3. Result: Authentic Customer Review

    In exchange for some free product, the customer posted the image to your left. Within 24 hours, it received over 690 likes. Authentic ✔️ Streamlined ✔️

“Gatsby has been extremely useful in identifying loyal customers who can double as influencers, and making those connections for us automatically.”
Cesar Gonzalez
BD @ Oats Overnight

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