Gatsby is about helping brands build awareness in an authentic and elegant way. Sometimes it’s about building awareness for a new product line or holiday promotion, and other times it’s about a social issue, like providing access to clean water or education in war-effected regions.

For me personally, giving Tzedakah and doing acts of kindness were a natural part of my upbringing. It’s something I want to engrain in the DNA of Gatsby.

While we’re not directly feeding the homeless or providing micro-loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries, we’ve built a product that can help further those missions. And that means a lot to me, and all of us behind Gatsby.

So as of now,¬†we’re proud to offer all nonprofts 50% off any Gatsby plan. No strings attached, no hoops to jump through. Just email us with some proof that you’re a 501c3, and we’ll slash 50% off.

Thank you for what you’re doing, we want to help.


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