With Gatsby’ new Fomo integration, you’ll make sure every site visitor feels compelled to connect with you on social. Fomo adds social proof to your Gatsby campaign.

Every time a customer connects with you via Gatsby, Fomo will display that action for all your site visitors to see.

To facilitate the integration, first create an account for both Gatsby and Fomo:

Then grab your Auth Token from Fomo:

And simply paste it into the field in your Gatsby brand portal:

After that, you’ll start to see the Gatsby events show up in your Fomo Feed:

Boom! 🚀

Why Social Proof?

It’s the ultimate marketing strategy, and has been since the dawn of time. Why? Because it’s authentic marketing at it’s finest. When real customers talk about and engage with your brand, people listen. You develop trust, and in many cases, a “fear of missing out”.

Gatsby generates social proof on social media: Real customers, real influencers.

Fomo generates social proof on your website: Real customers, real events.

Together, you’ll have social proof covered.

Understand how Fomo works in 40 seconds:

If you have any questions, both our customer service teams are highly engaged and ready to help. Reach out anytime.

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