Grady's Cold Brew

Grady's is among the nation's largest manufacturers of cold brew coffee.

The company has been looking to increase online conversions to their website, as well as activate their growing fanbase.

They needed a solution that would not take a lot of time, but had the flexibility for marketing messaging and would help identify the social graphs of their customers.

This case study is based on their first quarter results.

With Gatsby, Grady's has been able to identify 102 customers who are potential micro-influencers for the brand

Unlike other tools, Grady's is able to find true fans with genuine reach who already have interest in the brand.



630 real followers



240 real followers



1,400 real followers

Who Are Your Top Influencers?


Since launching with Gatsby the team at Grady's has been able to focus elsewhere.

"Using Gatsby was so simple, and has helped with customer acquisition and conversion. We're now able to allocate time and resources to other areas." - Kyle Furlong, Brand Strategist at Grady's

Time Investmet

Less than 1 hour spent setting up and managing Gatsby in the past 4 months

Plays Nice With Others

Gatsby works concurrently with an existing loyalty program and holiday promotions.

Grady's Is All About Premium Quality

"We are the top cold brew and cold brew concentrate coffee available on the market, and partner with companies that hold themselves to the same level of quality. Teaming up with Gatsby's high-quality, customizable solution just made sense for us."

-Kyle Furlong, Brand Strategist at Grady's

"Grady's Cold Brew runs a 15,000 sq. ft. brewery in the Bronx"

What's Next?

"One of our marketing goals for Q4 is to launch a Grady's VIP program that includes outreach to influencers with gift branded swag and more. Gatsby has been key in helping us identify our real influencers, helping save time and money. We're excited to start this next chapter of Grady's VIPs."

-Kyle Furlong, Brand Strategist at Grady's


The company offers a 15% off promotion code that's specific to Gatsby. In the first quarter, Gatsby has driven more than $7,000 in sales.

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