Case Study: Moja Gear

Moja Gear is a community-driven blog for all things climbing and outdoors.

The Moja Gear team uses social media and giveaways to promote content, add subscribers, and increase affiliate revenue. Prior to Gatsby, they used Google Docs to run giveaways, but prefer Gatsby for it's sleek user experience, social automation, and identification of authentic micro-influencers.

They spent about 1 hour designing and launching their giveaway on Gatsby, and within the first week, received:

  • 651 social profiles
  • 651 giveaway entries / newsletter subscribers
  • 165 authentic Facebook shares
  • 124 new Instagram followers

Of their 2,835 clicks on their Gatsby button in week 1, 23% completed the social action and entered the giveaway.


Moja Gear


They identified genuine micro-influencers, like:

Chloé (@cloverpaste)

1,700 Instagram followers

Mark Scherle (@mscherle)

4,200 Instagram followers

Erika Courtney (@erika.courtney)

1,300 Instagram followers

"We've tried half a dozen tools to run giveaways, but Gatsby is undoubtedly the best experience for our users. Not only does it look sleek on our site, but it performs exceptionally well and provides unparalleled data insights.”
Sander DiAngelis
Founder, Moja Gear

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