Case Study: Coloured Raine

Coloured Raine is a cosmetics line founded in 2013. It's known for it's bold and colorful hues.

The team is active on Instagram (608k real followers / 396 following) and leverages traditional influencer marketing along with affiliates. They came to Gatsby to complement their social strategy, and identify customers that would make good micro-influencers.

They spent about 30 minutes designing and launching their Gatsby promotion, and within the first 3 weeks, received:

  • 1,456 customers social profiles
  • 1,456 email addresses for site visitors
  • 432 new Instagram followers
  • 352 authentic Facebook shares
  • 110 authentic tweets

Of their 97,970 page loads in that time frame, 14% resulted in a click on the Gatsby button. Because they average more than 1 page load per site visitor, we can extrapolate that >25% of site visitors clicked their Gatsby button.

Coloured Raine


They identified customers that would make genuine micro-influencers, like:

Amber (3xquisitebeauty)

3,900 Instagram followers

Cindy Louis (ohsococoa)

35,000 Instagram followers

Annjhelica Reyes (aikaesthetics)

41,800 Instagram followers

“It just works!”
Loraine R.
CEO, Coloured Raine

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