TEAMLTD is a lifestyle apparel brand dedicated to people "living the dream."

They are active on Instagram and leverage high-quality images with rising influencers. They came to Gatsby to identify influential customers, add real followers, and increase conversions.

This case study is based on their first 6 weeks using Gatsby



They offer a 15% off promotion code through Gatsby, and can point to a 10% increase in conversions, plus...

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With Gatsby, TEAMLTD has been able to identify 196 customers in 6 weeks who are potential micro-influencers for the brand

TEAMLTD is able to find true fans with genuine reach who already have interest in the brand.

Emily Armstrong (@milly)

1,300 Instagram followers

Tim Muza (@timothymuza)

3,400 Instagram followers

Mike Matt (@mmattslayer)

15,500 Instagram followers

Social Media Power

"Instagram is a big part of our strategy, and wanted an overview of who was visiting our website and the power they have on social media."

-Nano Stasiak, Partner at TEAMLTD

TEAMLTD is sold in over 50 retailers across Canada.

Since launching with Gatsby, TEAMLTD has been able to source influencers easier.

"With Gatsby, we can work with people that have already shown interest in our gear, versus people who don't know our brand. It's concentrated relationship building." - Nano Stasiak, Partner

Time Investment

The TEAMLTD team has spent approximately 30 minutes setting Gatsby in motion.

Collect Leads

Since Gatsby lives pre-conversion, it also identifies abandoned shoppers.

What's Next?

"We're working on our first set of campaigns with Gatsby-identified influencers. They will be creating content for our channel as well as their own." - Nano Stasiak, Partner

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