Remember that first bike? Mine was a little red speedster that started with training wheels, but eventually upgraded to include glow-in-the-dark spoke beads, a pog decal, and a playing card muffler. By the time I hit junior high, I installed front and rear wheel pegs to mask it as a BMX-style ride, and would launch it off makeshift jumps that my friends and I assembled in the driveway. Needless to say, a first bicycle is a special thing, and it’s one of the reasons I’m most excited to welcome Guardian Bikes to the Gatsby club.

Guardian was started by two of my friends, and fellow Cal Poly alums: Brian Riley and Kyle Jansen. The two of them started a booming business out of college called SureStop. It’s a bicycle component that prevents riders from flipping over the handlebars. While that B2B business continues to grow, the two of them started a related consumer brand with the mission of creating “the world’s safest kid bikes.”


It’s simple. They learned that nearly 1,000 children in the US end up in hospital emergency rooms every day due to bicycle related injuries. They figure that by engineering a safer bike, they could reduce that number. Everything from assembly to components to design have been carefully thought through – providing kids with a stunning bike they can get excited about, and safety technology that parents love. After just one in year business, they’re already in over 100 retailers, and are beginning to focus on the direct-to-consumer ecommerce channel. It’s a perfect time for Guardian & Gatsby to team up, and we’re looking forward to contributing to their mission.

Check out their bikes, and use Gatsby to get 10% off!

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