When we started Gatsby, we made a concerted effort to work with companies developing innovative, high quality products with eye-catching branding. Grady’s Cold Brew fits the bill to a tee! And it’s why I can honestly say there isn’t a brand on our platform that I’ve worked harder or travelled further to bring on-board.

Grady and his friends started brewing cold brew coffee out of their kitchens around 2012. It was a passion project that they eventually began selling at Brooklyn’s famous Smorgasburg on weekends. Flash forward a few years, and they’re now one of the largest brewers of cold brew coffee in the states, operating out of a 15,000 sq brewery in the Bronx. They developed their own brewing and bottling methods to ensure quality at scale, and have now begun innovating in the ecommerce space with their genius “bean bag” Cold Brew Kit.

This Kit’s genius design allows them to ship 36 cups of cold brew direct to your door, and you brew it fresh overnight. Here’s the bag I got to bring home with me: